The Best Bao and How!

The Best Bao and How!
What is Bao?
Bao is traditional Chinese steamed buns filled with savory fillings.
One warm Sunday
afternoon, I along with my friend, decided to march down to “The Bao Haus Co”,
one of the first kitchens in Mumbai to serve Bao. 

The Bao Haus
Co. is certainly one tough place to find. In spite of all the technological
help, we had to rely on directions from passerby and local stores to track this
We were
welcomed by the man himself, chef & owner Mr. Siddharth Somaiya. The Bao Haus Co. is
not a restaurant but a typical kitchen delivering delectable bao servings at
your doorstep and as such does not have a seating area. The chef was courteous
enough to invite us to his small cabin space to enjoy the leisurely meal coming
our way. We were quickly queried about any allergies and food preferences
before being assured of all in house ingredients.
Our first
order off the menu was the Prawn Crackers.
Each portion comes with six to seven chips and a side of their house special Sriracha. 

A mini version of the crunchy papad,
Prawn Crackers are crispies of special Spices and Hot Sauce
with a regular twist of prawn flavors. A bit similar to papads, the prawn
crackers are rolled into thin rounds, dehydrated, fried and eventually seasoned
with spices. This entire process is done under one roof & don’t they do it well.
The Leek Fritters
A veg delicacy I was initially skeptical about
due to its appearance, but the soft patty with a hint of sweetness and
pomegranate molasses won me over.
Quinao Beet
Revamping their Halloween special hit,
the Carrot Bao, retained its place on the menu due to the extreme popularity it
achieved in a short span of time. Bao stacked with pan-seared quinoa patty,
goat cheese, arugula salad and freshly prepared in-house beet chips, was crunchy
in every bite & definitely my favorite from among the veg index. Healthy
bhi tasty bhi – a thewickedsoul recommendation
Fried Chicken Bao
This Bao was absolute Wow. Bole toh in
Saif Ali Khan’s Voice Waaao.
Crunchy fried chicken stacked in white
buttermilk bao, uplifted by Red cabbage, green & yellow peppers and drizzled
with rainbow slaw. The graffiti of the baos, it was soul appeasing, not just
visually but taste wise also.
A clear favorite of
all, I couldn’t stop visualizing Saif saying “Waao”, this is the best Bao.
After the lavish baoful meal, it was
time for dessert and we were not surprised when we were presented yet another
Bao & this time it was adorned with chocolate. Yep, you heard me right,
presenting the Chocolate Bao.
Marshmallows, brûlée bananas
and hazelnut crumble enveloped within fluffy soft baos!
Chocolate & Marshmallows are the
holy union and my favorite combination. The soft cushy bite easing the sweetness
of crème brûlée bananas & crunchy hazelnut crumbles made each bite the
perfect end to our hearty meal.
Already a raging hit in Asia and the States, Baos are the new talking
point in 2016. The Bao Haus Co. have perfected the art of making one of the
best baos in town and it would be safe to say, your first bao should be here. 
#LipSmackingMeter 4.5
Until next time,

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