Havelock Island – A complete travel guide

Havelock Island – A complete travel guide

Havelock Island Best beaches in AndamanHavelock Island:

Havelock island, one of the most visited Islands in Andaman has some of the most stunning white sand beaches, fantastic scuba diving spots and is home to luminous marine life. It has been nearly a month since I explored this little slice of heaven and am still spamming my Instagram feed with photos from this destination. As I pen down my experience today, I vividly recall every moment from my memorable trip to the Andamans. Read on for everything you need to know about Havelock Island.

How to reach Havelock Island:

The only way to reach Havelock Island is via Port Blair.

A 2-hour cruise from Port Blair on either a govt-operated or privately-operated ferry is the most convenient and common mode of transport. The govt. ferries are cheaper and sold out almost every time, hence prior booking of around 2 days is recommended. Tickets to “The Green Ocean” and “Maccruz”, the 2 private operators are easily available. You can thank me later but, TWS recommends “The Green Ocean” which is slightly slower but more stable out in the choppy seas.

If money is inconsequential and luxury is your mate, then you could probably hire a chopper to reach this beautiful island.

One of the most popular islands in Andaman, Havelock is the most visited and the most babbled about on social media.

How to move around in Havelock:

Buses, autos and pvt cars (ac, non ac) are available and the rates differ accordingly. But the most convenient way to explore this island would be to rent a scooter.

PS: No google maps available due to lack of connectivity. Directions from locals is the way ahead 😊


Best Beaches to visit in Havelock Island:

A haven for beach lovers, it is home to some of the best beaches of Asia, not just India. After exploring most of the beaches in India, I can positively say that Havelock has the most gorgeous beaches I‘ve ever been to. I do not recall seeing cleaner beaches in India before.

The Havelock Island jetty is situated on beach #1. It is quite common here to address beaches by numbers instead of names. The beach is lined with mangroves and since it is the focal point for all ferries sailing to & from Port Blair, Neil Island and Rangat, water sport activities are prohibited here.

A little further away from the jetty, speed boats dot the shores of the beach waiting for tourists to hitch a ride to Elephant beach. ATM’s & restaurants are available in the main market outside the jetty.

Moving away from the jetty, we made our way towards Govindnagar beach or beach #3. The beach gets it’s name from a small village, Govindnagar. Govindnagar beach is ideal for a long stroll and you might even be lucky to bump into locals who would be happy to share a little history about the place.

Another popular beach is beach #5, Vijaynagar beach. Densely populated by numerous resorts and stay options, mid-range to luxury resorts are available here. Being the center point of Havelock, it is easy  to spot cafes, restaurants & spas here.


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Radhanagar beach:  Beach no. 7, Radhanagar Beach was awarded the cleanest beach in Asia over a decade ago and I believe it still is. With no water sports available here, it is one of the most serene and cleanest beaches in the whole of Andaman. Such is the popularity and global recognition of Radhanagar beach that it has become synonymous with Havelock. This beach is exactly the way you’d see in dreamy postcard frames. Brimming with tourists close to the sunset hours, we walked away from the crowd to find the entire beach to ourselves. Watching the sun go down from this pristine white sand beach as the sky painted a kaleidoscope of different hues was one of the best moments of our trip.


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Elephant beach: This beach suffered the wrath of the 2004 tsunami and its after effects can still be witnessed. The fallen tree trunks scattered around the shores make this once devastated beach even more picturesque.

You can reach here via a 15-minute boat ride from beach #1 for a fare of around Rs 1000 per person. The ticket includes complimentary snorkeling sessions. The speed boat drops you here for a total time of 3 hours and takes you back to the main jetty thereafter. Due to safety concerns, you will no longer find elephants around the beach, but you can still have fun with some great water activities (Sea walk, Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boatride, Scuba Diving). You can also walk along the shores of the beach or set up a picnic spot and relax. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen 😊

We did Scuba diving at Nemo Beach which was a better experience since the beach was empty and we were the only ones under the crystal clear water.  Since Elephant beach is brimming with tourists engaged in water sports the under water visibility could be low.

Kala Pathar: This beach is not very large or as scenic as the other beaches on Havelock but it still paints a pretty picture during sunset. This is a great place to grab fantastic bargains for collectibles and pearl accessories at the little stalls outside the beach.  

Where to stay in Havelock:

Havelock has a few stay options suited to needs; budget backpacker rooms to luxury hotels. The stay in some of the resorts here is costlier than one would expect. Hotels like Taj Exotica and Barefoot are the more renowned & luxurious options but come with a steep tariff.

We stayed at Coral Reef Resort at beach # 5 which was about half a mile from the jetty and central to most of the beaches around. Read here to know about my stay at Coral Reef Resort.

Where to eat in Havelock:

If you love seafood, you will find a fabulous selection of seafood here. From luxury restaurants to beach shacks to roadside dhabas, a “seafoodie” will always find something delectable to tickle his taste buds.


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While in Havelock, you must visit Squid. They serve lip smacking homely food cooked with intense flavors. We absolutely loved Squid Chilly, Fish fry and Fish Masala curry here. *TWS recommends

Coco Anju and Something Different are popular restaurants thronged by patrons but unfortunately I wasn’t too impressed as the food was standard and as such felt heavy on the pocket. Full Moon Dhaba is another place to watch out for while in Havelock island.


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While beach hopping, sip on fresh coconut water at Kala Pathar beach, enjoy fresh fruit salad at the stalls of Elephant beach and dig into hot banana fritters and mirchi wadas outside Radhanagar beach.

To summarize, a trip to Havelock is a tropical vacation where the swaying of palm trees, fresh cocos, white sand beaches and azure blue waters are waiting for you. Whilst we travel the world in search of elegant beauty, we often miss out the beautiful world in our own backyard. If you were looking for exotic destinations for your next trip, Andaman is your calling.

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