Pink is the new Red!

Pink is the new Red!
Torrid month – Sweet blog!!!
Hello guys, let’s start this month with
something sweet. I last visited this place over Valentine’s earlier this year,
so it’s actually been quite a long time before I decided to put pen to paper
and jot down a few generous lines.
A beautiful villa donning elegant artistic
frames over shades of pink and white stands out from among the dull shades of
surrounding grey. Can anyone miss it, uhh uhhh. Pink Sugar Patisserie is tucked in the bylanes of Carter Road, the
lane besides Me So Happy. This dessert haven does not have a seating facility
and has just a few stand-up tables inside and a couple of couches parked
outside. Small but cute, this Pink villa exaggerates the ambience with shades
of pink. From walls to picture frames, cutlery to props and even cakes,
everything is a literal indication towards its name.
Pink Sugar Patisserie (PSP) boasts a startling
line up of eats from Cakes to Crepes, nachos to sandwiches, waffles, cupcakes
and more! A few peeks at some of the majestic captures of crepes and waffles
posted on Instagram were enough to arouse the curiosity in me for a stop-over.
First up, Pink Velvet Cupcakes: What screams Love more than this pretty Pink cupcake? Time for Red Velvet to step aside and dive into the “oh so cute” Pink Velvet Cupcakes. 

 Moist Pink Cake courting Cream Cheese Frosting with starry sprinkles illustrate
the adorable Valentine pairing. It was so soft and moist, I could gobble down
half a dozen of them but “hey wicked, control, control, you still have a host
of desserts waiting for you”.And before we get moving, have I told you that
these are absolutely eggless, so vegans, suggest you make this your prime pick
since these fly off the shelf the quickest.

Crepe: Oh Crepe! 

Light & soft crepes packed with smooth mascarpone cream, luscious red
strawberries and a swipe of nutella.
The freshly made, in-house crepes were a pure delight and delicious enough to make
anyone’s day.

However, my partial feelings towards Nutella deemed the ratio of the mascarpone cheese to the Nutella very uneven. The mascarpone played spoilt sport with its bland tones, something that could have been avoided with a generous spread of Nutella. Also I could smell egg as they don’t serve eggless crepe, was another down point. (Egg smell made it least favorite of list I tried.
Only recently had I begun a
hunt for Red velvet waffles and to my knowledge only two places serve these
beauties, Francesco’s Pizzeria & Pink Sugar and after a disastrous
experience at the former, I decided to let Pink Sugar have a worthy try. I
chose to make my own waffle with whipped cream, strawberry and walnut in a red velvet
waffle. While this red jewel was being setup for the finale, the temptation to
resist another cupcake was just too large.
The Icy Mint Cupcake called out from the shelf,
soft whispers luring the wicked soul towards it.
Icy mint cupcake (egg)
You know what, if I ever preferred to have
anything other than chocolate, apart from more chocolate, it would have to be
A classic combination of Mint & Chocolate
is too tempting and this Icy mint cake throwing inviting glances couldn’t pass
my attention. One bite of the creamy & mint buttercream frosting with the
dense chocolate cupcake was heaven to my palate. 
And finallyyyyyyy …….
Red Velvet Waffles: Mounds
of whipped cream shuffled in between two Red Velvet Waffles and dashed with
walnuts to spike the crunch-o-meter. The strawberry topping is just the perfect
icing, not literally though 😉

With Cupcakes priced less than a 100 bucks
& waffles & crepes starting from 175, this place is a steal for
heavenly desserts.
With such sweet artillery in their armoury, Pink Sugar can be the perfect place
to share a dessert with someone special.
Special Thanks to Grabstr for a special tasting
review & @PinkSugarIndia for
the sugar rush, you guys were amazing!
LipSmackingMeter 4.5/5
Until next time,

Note: Though it was an invite & desserts were
on the house, my review is unbiased & based purely on my experience. 

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