The name’s Ashfina a.k.a TheWickedSoul. Born and raised in “the
city that never sleeps”, I slay as a professional in Human Resources; after
all, a girl has got to pay her bills 😛
Apart from rehearsing the phrase “You’re fired” in a 9 to 5 job,
I scout the city with my trusty lens in my spare time.
Well, that’s an old introduction, find out more about me here
My passion for food, travel, style & photography drives me
towards the ever social Instagram and my own personal blog among other
For those who might be wondering, why the handle
“thewickedsoul”; well, I am known to be a regular old-school human with a
wicked sense of humor.
I am a happy clicker with the ultimate goal being to present the
best and most unusual clicks from my travels and daily life.