Pav Bhaji got a new shade!

Pav Bhaji got a new shade!
don’t like Street food” said no one ever and if you do come across someone then
they probably haven’t tried Mumbaiyya street food yet.
endless options in street food available on every street and new joints popping
up daily, it gets really difficult to pick a decent place that offers the best eats
on offer.
street food also comes the risk of poor hygiene and food quality. One such
place in my vicinity that offers clean, hygienic food and comfortable seating
arrangement tops my list of personal recommendations; Maa Anjani Pav Bhaji
other pav bhaji centres offer decent seating space and some even serve good
quality food but this one serves different shades of happiness. Read on and
we’ll soon be on the same page.

Anjani, located at the corner of Borivali Link Road next to Borivali Biryani
Centre, offers different options of addictive eats from pav bhaji to pudhla
sandwich to chaat. There is no shortage of space to indulge in chaat treats
with its 20 seater accommodation.
Black Pav Bhaji

My first order at this chaat market was the Black Pav Bhaji, that’s right, Black Pav Bhaji. Prepared using top-secret ingredients, this is the joint’s USP. The unusual shade of black offers a new perspective to the otherwise regular pav bhaji. Inspite of the secretive recipe, it is not difficult to figure out that black pepper is responsible for the dark tones of this popular Pav Bhaji.
Black Pav Bhaji is spicy, tantalises the taste buds and leave you breathless,
wanting bite after bite. *TWS recommends
Cheese Pudhla Sandwich
next dish I vouch for is Pudhla Sandwich Sautéed with onions, bell peppers,
tomatoes and a dollop of butter. The besan coated bread is reminiscent of a
French toast; topped with cheese and corianders this one’s a calorie power
house. The taste and perfect flavour distribution will leave a memory note for
you to return back. 
Cheese Tawa Pulav
a slightly heavier meal, I had Cheese Tawa Pulav. Spicy vegetables and fried
rice tossed in pav bhaji masala with loads of cheese define the beauty of this
delicious dish.
saving the best for last, a visit to the chaat counter is plain mandatory. “Paani
Puri” The crispy Pudhina flavoured puris served with an array of different
flavoured waters was mind blowing. My favourite from the list has to be Lemon
and Peru.
Kothimbir Masala Pav
other recommended dishes include Khada Pav Bhaji and Kothimbir Masala Pav though
they were not my personal favorites but my friends keeping me company in
silence enjoyed them and just couldn’t stop blabbing.
Anjani also offers meal options served with a complimentary bottle of cold
drink and mineral water.
a full paisa vasool street food outlet which was definitely worth all the
hiccups I got after gorging into all that spicy delicious food -TheWickedSoul recommends
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