Colors of Candy, Goodness of Green- Candy & Green Review

Colors of Candy, Goodness of Green- Candy & Green Review
New Place Alert! We are only in the second month of the year so far and already so many new food marks have appeared on the map. Over the past few weeks, I visited quite a few of them but there was a certain one that stood out from among the others; did things differently.
In the culinary race where new posh and fusion concept places are constantly popping up,
Candy and Green steps forward with a simple yet complicated approach.
Candy and Green is a concept introduced by Ms. Shraddha Bhansali, whose dream was to create a place for all that served hearty meals which nourishes the mind and body with, of course, a little bit of freshness to the cocktail menu. Aiding her on this nutrition journey is Master Chef 4 finalist   Karishma Sakhrani, curator of most of the dishes on the menu.

Ambiance: Located in the same building as Doppio at Breach Candy, Candy and Green is sprawled across the top 2 levels of the building.The 4th floor houses an indoor dining section with sophisticated yet casual ambiance. Tall, dual-colored panes account for sunlight while the efficiently spread tables make for a luxurious dining space. The rooftop area presents a beautiful glimpse of Mumbai’s skyline especially magnificent when the sun goes down. The cool summer breeze and soft lights make this place perfect for a dinner date.The rooftop bares the roots of this nutri-place; the green garden laid vertically is the in-house store which accounts for a majority of the ingredients used in the foods. In addition to the mini herb garden, all other produce is locally sourced and since there is almost no fuel consumption for some of these ingredients they can boast of using Zero Carbon Produce.

Food: One might be wondering that since CanyandGreen is a Veg haven, the options on the menu might be limited. Well, think again. The menu flaunts a long list of options enough to make a non-vegetarian like me indecisive and a difficult task to complete.

My health conscious ride began with fresh pressed juice called “the Joker” prepared using purple cabbage, apple, and ginger.It was fresh and light; an impressive start already.

We called for Three Pepper Toasties: Whipped cottage cheese stacked in grilled toast with bell peppers, tabasco sauce and chili flakes dusted with charred salad. It was strikingattempt to have 3 different styled peppers bundled into one beautiful sandwich.

Avocado Toast: Two mid-sized sourdough slathered with smashed Avocados and hazelnut dukkah was a power-packed snack to feast on.

Quinoa Tabbouleh Falafel:  A dome layered with Babaganoush, quinoa Tabbouleh (replacing the stereotype bulgur) with tzatziki sauce and hummus in the center and served with homemade pita & falafel. A healthy yet very delicious platter and carefully assembled to offer taste and nutrition.

Until now it was all green and leafy veggies on my plate, somewhere along the way I still urged for a meaty delight.

After much deliberation, I ordered a Black is Back; Black Rice Riso with Portobello mushrooms and a subtle hint of truffle oil.Not for a moment while I dined on this did I miss meat. Meaty deliciousness of Portobello mushrooms left a lingering taste on my palate for a long time afterward.

The only disappointment on the night was the limited range of options in desserts.We called for the must haves recommended by the Chef, Coconut Pudding &Vegan Coffee Hazelnut Mousse.
While the former was a big no as I am not a coconut head, the latter worked its magic.
Need I explain, no, I don’t think so, its Coffee Hazelnut Mousse and its Vegan, just gobble it.
Service: The staff was warm and welcoming and they seemed well versed with the dishes and the ingredients that go into the making.
Value for Money: I was invited for a preview launch, however looking at the menu and prices, the price charged seem reasonable for the quality of food & drinks served.
The meal was an absolute delight and the rooftop dining experience was lovely.
CandyandGreen is one of the places where you’ll feel good even after eating simply knowing that you’ve had clean & healthy.
LipSmackingMeter 4.5/5
Until then,

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