30 Wicked Facts you didn’t know about me

30 Wicked Facts you didn’t know about me

30 Wicked Facts you didn’t know about me

Hey Wicked Fellas,

Today is my birthday and I wanted to acknowledge all my followers by posting something different. A few days ago, while I was lost in my thoughts, an email notification popped up in the corner of my screen. The subject line read “Do you hold a degree to be qualified as a Blogger?”

At that very moment, it dawned upon me how people all around the world admire, criticise and love my work but know very little about TheWickedSoul.

So, in attempting something new this year, here’s a short writeup about some known & some unfamiliar but wicked facts about me:

  1. My name is Ashfina Charania. I hold a Post Graduate degree in Human Resource Management and was previously employed as a HR Leader (nau se paanch). I quit the corporate job to focus all my energies on my passion for travelling for food😊
  2. I have one tattoo and nine piercings including one belly piercing (which I harldy flaunt, thanks to  my food belly)
  3. I haven’t watched a single season of GOT, Narcos or Harry Potter, yes go ahead judge me.
  4. I am a spiritual person and a firm believer of Karma; Karma is a b***h, but also my friend
  5. Coffee, Chocolate and Cheese, the 3 Cs of my life, in the same order
  6. I love making a thorough hand beaten coffee, mainly because I usually visualise myself beating the stress outta my life
  7. I manage to make some decent Latte Art at home, without a machine, wohoo *adds Latte artist in Bio* *looks out for Latte Artist jobs*
  8. Elaichi (Cardamom) is my sworn enemy. I despise it the most in this world; there are absolutely no exceptions
  9. I prefer being a solo adventurer, a free wandering spirit  
  10. I am my favourite, I often go out on a self-date and have watched more films alone in theatres than with my friendswicked fact you need to know
  11. I have survived a major road accident that has left me with damaged arteries and over 100 stitch marks on my leg. And the iron rod from the resulting surgery is implanted in my leg (this IronWoman suffers check in hassles at airports)
  12. I worked my first summer job when I was in the eighth grade and my first pay check was a mere Rs 800; splashed it on a box of sweets and brick game, yo!
  13. I am petrified of dogs; some childhood memories leave you scarred
  14. I love Bunnies though and hopefully will adopt one soon (please share contacts for animal shelters)
  15. I am not a fan of heels, but a pair of Converse can be my Solemate for life
  16. I cannot run long distances at a stretch, but still managed to complete a small Marathon (10 km) as it was on my Bucket list
  17. Bollywood toh mere khoon mein hai; all-time favourites include Andaz Apna Apna, Chandni and Rockstar
  18. My only celeb crush is Ranbir Kapoor aka Jordan from Rockstar; hope to meet him someday and when I do, I may simply collapse from all the electrical surges in my brain
  19. I am not graceful when I attempt to shake my tailfeather, but love moving to Govinda songs *kisi disco mai jaaye*
  20. My friends call me “Wickedfina” for my witty humour; that certainly played a part in my Insta handle TheWickedSoul
  21. I love Food, but rarely cook. I love Italian cuisine, only after Mughlai and Punjabi food of course. Bolognese Pasta is my default to-order dish but rarely find a good serving in Mumbai (recommendations please)
  22. I have never tried contact lenses. I love wearing spectacles; although I have broken a few over the years simply by sitting on them. Sigh
  23. I love Minions and have over 40 memorabilia including a pair of headphones, boxers and one grand old piggy bank (which is perpetually broke)
  24. I love cacti more than flowers (less pampering needed)
  25. I am a city girl and love walking through new cities with a map in handfacts you didnt know about me
  26. My favorite city in India is Bangalore; good food, good music and occasionally good weather. Udaipur comes in at a close second.
  27. I haven’t travelled international yet; time to get some ink on my passport
  28. The city I am most obsessed about is Paris & I will get there in this lifetime
  29. NYC, Melbourne, Istanbul, Italy and Morroco are also on my bucket list
  30. And lastly, the reason I scribble these facts; I turn 30 today! Surprised?

Let me know which of these facts surprised you the most or found to be the funniest!

I love getting to know my readers, so leave one or more wicked facts about yourself in the comments below. Bring out that witty side of you fellas!

Until then,


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