Molecular Journey @ Pa Pa Ya

Molecular Journey @ Pa Pa Ya
there! I am back with my next blog. I haven’t been able to post recently as I
was on the hunt for Mumbai’s best Street-Eats. (coming up next). Today I bring
forth to you Pa Pa Ya……
Pa Pa Ya – The
latest addition by Zorawar Kalra’s  Massive
Restaurants Group
currently operating under the fab restaurants – Masala
, Farzi Café and Made in Punjab. This new flagship opened recently in
Mumbai around mid-September and is still creating a buzz quite evident from the
fortnight advance reservations. You just cannot imagine my excitement when I,
along with my fellow foodies, was invited for a
generous dinner meet to this much instagrammed sensation. (Mann mein ladoo futa
Located on the 3rd floor of Palladium Mall at Lower Parel

At Pa Pa Ya,
Asian cuisine is reinvented with an edge of Molecular Gastronomy and presented
in innovative ways one cannot imagine. In layman terms, molecular gastronomy is
pure food science or the application of scientific techniques to food
preparation. They serve an array of Pan-Asian cuisines including Japanese,
Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese & Cambodian
with a twist of molecular gastronomy
thereby transforming the taste and textures. My Eagerness meter ever building
the much anticipated day arrives and thus begins my journey through the greatly
babbled molecular gastronomy.

We walked
into a lively, vibrant ambience with crimson walls and 3D metal hexagons creating
a sci-fi feel. The unique environment enhances the dining experience adding overall
value to the food.  Being invited over
for a review has its own perks. We were ushered to a table by staff wearing
chic looking suits donning wireless earphones to communicate within, making
them look uber cool.

culinary preferences were noted to ensure Teetotalers as innocent as me are not
fuelled with spirits.

With a lengthy
menu boasting sushi and small plates to main course dishes that stray away from
the tried and tested techniques, it is easy to lose track. Luckily for us, the
staff knew their molecules well.
Amouse- Bouche
We started
off with a palate cleanser, Amuse – bouche. Basil compressed watermelon with
lemongrass & chili foam served in an open oyster shell. The smooth
presentation nearly outdid the palate itself.
My friends
went with some of the best molecular cocktails on offer. The Ying Yang – Vodka with
Caramelized Pineapple and Cardamom served in a beaker, The Lighthouse Vodka – lemongrass
flavoured Vodka served in a light bulb shaped glass, The Tokyo Summer – Yari
infused Vodka with pickled Ginger and Wasabi, Tox Detox – a potion cooked up
with Rum, Watermelon, Coriander and Orange Liquor. I sipped on the alcohol free
Go Papaya”- which owed it’s tanginess down to the hints of orange and mint leaves.
For all its glamour, it failed to work its magic on me.

Go Pa Pa Ya (Non-Alcoholic)
Ying Yang
Lastly, I was served the Cranberry Molecular Iced Tea. This pretty looking drink was deliciously refreshing.That awkward moment when your drink looks prettier then you. 
Molecular Cranberry Ice Tea

We started off with:
Chicken Tacos:
House made
crispy taco shells stuffed with tender boneless chicken meat and beer battered
avocados with avocado based chips was full of flavours & deliciousness.
Mexican Japanese fusion is what they call it. Had to pass, but one bite was
just too tempting to refrain myself from. The description itself is a mouth
Grilled Chicken Tacos
Edamame and
Chickpea sliders: 
This one was
for the vegetarian folks out there. Crunchy Patty stuffed in between a perfect
pair of Lotus root flour buns and topped with chilli mayo served with home-made
chips rolling in on the roof of a hummer. The presentation totally killed it but
the sliders were not as appetizing as they appeared.
Edamame and Chickpea sliders

Sushi Matrix: Woahhh! This baby caught our attention the moment it arrived.  A wooden matrix presenting sushi on every side, it was an assortment of sorts; Salmon, Squid, Tuna, Carbon California Asparagus, served with wasabi & house made soya sauce. Sushi had never been a part of my palate but this delicacy that lay here in front of me, just turned me into a Sushi girl. It’s official guys, from this day on, the wicked soul’s a Sushiholic. Carbon Sushi is a certain standout.

Apart from sushi I also liked delectable Beef Chilly & scrumptious Shittake Burrata. Served with generous portions of appetizers we had to make room for the mains.
Out came another palate cleanser just before the mains, Wasabi and Youzou sorbet palate cleanser. Wasabi foam and Youzou, also a Japanese ingredient, served in little bowls in neat looking basket.
Wasabi & Youzou Sorbet
For Mains we tried:

Lamb Curry
with Singaporean Roti: Perfectly cooked lamb over a number of hours,
prepared in a coconut milk base curry injected with lemon grass and other
spices. The mildly spicy lambs served with Roti were a perfect combination. An
absolute must have.
Fried Rice
: Served in a stone pot, the sound of gravy seething through the crackling
rice was pure music to my ears. Such presentation topped with mind boggling
flavors makes this my favorite among the mains.
Chilly Crab
: Soft shelled crustacean served with a tomato chili sambhal
accompanied by warm mantao buns was pleasing.
After Mains you know what’s next (No points for guessing) 😛

Chocolate Ball on Fire: Bailey’s
cream cheese, Vanilla ice-cream and crunchy Chocolate pieces enclosed in a ball
of chocolate served on Oreo crumbs. But wait, this isn’t all. As the name
suggests, this is supposed to be on fire. Blazing rum is slowly poured over this
delectable globe thus melting it and revealing the inner treasures. An insta
video of this is sure to draw in those likes. Unfortunately, I was left staring
with my mouth hanging (teetotaller remember) as my friends lapped this beauty
off the plate.
Chocolate Ball on Fire
The staff was kind and observant of my dejection and quickly pitched in with a non- alcoholic dessert. The Liquid Matcha and Hazelnut fondant cake with White Peppercorn Quenelle, served with fresh strawberries and blackberries among other fruits. A toothsome & perfect end to a scrumptious meal.
The Liquid Matcha and Hazelnut fondant cake with White Peppercorn Quenelle

Pa Pa Ya offers
an experience which is bound to linger on your mind and palate for as long as
you do not find another palate teaser. Good luck finding another.
service and interesting delicacies prepared with a twist and served with sheer
demand for perfect presentation, this bistro is spot on. The pricing is
slightly on the higher side but the food and presentation make this worthwhile.

Round of applause to the courteous Staff for making our experience one to remember.


Service: 5/5

Much Love,

Picture Courtesy: Saylee Padwal, Avanish Agarwal, Aniket Bhave & few by Me 😀 

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