Firki*: Reeled in – Good ambience, Mediocre Food!

Firki*: Reeled in – Good ambience, Mediocre Food!

Hello friends, hope you had a great
extended weekend. I just lazed around all day at Starbucks on a Friday and went
totally crazy at “Bandra Dessert Garden 2” on Saturday; watch out in my next
blog. Here I am on a Sunday, writing about this beautiful little dining villagesque
restaurant I visited last week – FIRKI*. I am running behind and need to start catching
up on my posts 😉

Firki* is the third outlet
brought forward by the very men behind Ithaka and Riso. With Firki* opening as
recently as last month, Lower Parel (Mumbai) is booming with eateries. The name
itself rings with curiosity. I, along with my foodie friend,
decided to give this new food hangout a shot. Firki* is located at Raghuvanshi, Lower Parel, behind Ritu Kumar showroom. The colourful walls of the restaurant make it easier to find amid all the grey surroundings.

The inside of the
restaurant is as bright & colourful as the outside. Everything within its
walls oozes with colours; from the walls, the menu, the glasses and so on. It
was pretty much a representation of Western India’s penchant for vibrant

We were greeted by polite staff
who immediately escorted us to a table. The wall adjacent to our table had a
well-crafted town replica similar to a scenario you may find in Rajasthan/ Gujarat. The
ambience in this small but lively dining area was spot on.

The menu includes authentic Gujarati,
Rajasthani, Kathiyawadi and Marwadi cuisine served with a Western touch. It is more of an Indo-Western fusion.

My personal preference has always
been non vegetarian delicacies but since my childhood I have been a hardcore fan
of Gujju & Rajasthani cuisines (thanks to my gujju pals 😛 )

After a few brainstorming minutes
(2 carnivores surfing through a Green menu) we opted for “Pav Bhaji Fondue”.
 It is ironic that the Vegetable mixture was served in a chocolate fondue bowl 🙂
The bhaji was served in fondue
style with small pieces of crispy bread. The presentation was neat but the fondue was quite bland. I would have preferred it a little spicy with a hint of onion & lemon. Pav bhaji without its core ingredients seems so incomplete.

Kacchi Kairi Sharbat & Masala Cola (basically Coke
served with spices) were next on our list to add some
much needed taste and coolness to a warm Sunday afternoon.

For our next choice, we decided
to consult the ever present and alert waiters. One such gentle soul suggested
we pick the “Fada Ni Khichdi” over the “Kathiyawadi Khauswey”. He accepted our
criticism of the Fondue and agreed to have the Khichdi a little more spicy than

Fada Ni Khichdi” is made out of bulgur wheat, rice and lentils, an
alternate version of the regular khichdi. After a few eager moments the khichdi
had arrived. It was just about average and not much to my liking.

 I regret not going with my gut
instinct and opting for the “Dabeli Bruschetta”; Dabeli fillings served on
garlic bread, or the ever so simple yet famed “Paanki”- a rice cake packed in a
banana leaf. After all, I would have myself to blame for the bad choices instead of relying on others.

We wanted to top off with a dessert
but after two disappointing efforts in the main course I kind of lost the
eagerness to pamper my sugar tooth. Also, “The ROLLING PIN” joint was beckoning
in the dessert category 🙂

I would say Firki* is a nice little
restaurant getting it’s ambience and presentation spot on. But I guess I need
to give it another try before I have my say on the food. There are still a few
dishes calling out for a bite. Do share your experience if you have been at Firki* Would love to hear from you.
Much Love,

FIRKI* Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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