The House of Goodness

The House of Goodness
Hello lovely people!! Hope all of you out
there are enjoying the monsoons this year. It seems the Gods reserve the
heaviest showers for weekends making it difficult not to get drenched while I
continue my search for soul satisfying foods.
My unending journey takes a pleasant
diversion towards a cute little place, THC; small in square feet but large on
spices especially Chipotle.

Chipotle is quite popular in “fhorun”
countries but has not really picked up within the country since it is quite
tricky to get the sauce right.

The house of Chipotle is a dream-turned-reality
of the enthusiastic Chef Pranay Pathak
who wanted to own the house to feed people with his signature sauce to
everything on the menu from Nachos to panini to something as simple as a rice
bowl. A small, not-hard-to-find outlet, THC has opened opposite Sammy Sosa at

THC is a quaint little 10 seater designed
as a QSR/ take away outlet. I feel it would be more fitting to refer to THC as
the house” and not a restaurant or
outlet or café or any other synonym.
Staff taking order on the phone
Pranay seeks happiness by feeding people to their heart’s fill; one of his
life’s ambitions. He also happens to be a die-hard Man Utd fan, how do I know?
Well, for one, he sports the club’s tattoo among other the collectibles
scattered around the house. Parallel walls of the house are washed black for
patrons to leave quirky quotes and messages. But not all is black; the little
counter hides behind it an efficient kitchen where all the magic happens.
The signature Chipotle sauce, created by
the man himself, Pranay, was actually created in 53 days. The recipe of the
sauce is solely with Pranay himself. Levels of spiciness are available as Mild,
Spicy and Very Spicy (try at your own risk); it actually says that on the menu.
Another interesting feature about the food
served at the house is that all the food is served in take away packs only.
Food wastage is not taken lightly; any food leftover by the customer is neatly
packed for the customer to enjoy at a later or rather more convenient time.
Our Chipotle adventure started off with the
house version of “Cold” Nachos:
Mex Chicken Nachos:
Crispy Nachos loaded with
cheese, chicken, Pico de gallo, refried beans, sour cream, salsa and chipotle
sauce. Now, this is where customer satisfaction dives in. Since I prefer a
spicy kick and my slightly less optimistic friend prefers mild spice levels,
the nachos were split in halves; 2 different levels of spiciness in each half.
The spicy portion tasted better offering a smooth and smoky after flavour, down
to the chipotle sauce; a winner already. Very Impressive!! Just a quick heads
up: Nachos here are served cold and not warm, it enhances the overall flavour.
Next we tried Classic Grilled Chicken Panini: Crispy crunchy bread stuffed with chipotle
chicken, lettuce, garlic sauce, chipotle sauce and coleslaw. Toasted with just
a touch of butter, it added a smoky flavour to the bread. The proportions
served here are generous but the proportion of the stuffing to the bread was
quite uneven. However, the stuffing within the bread was lip-smacking enough to
satiate those drooling taste buds.
And then there was the “Chipotle Rice Bowl”. Available in “L”
& “XL” sizes, this ain’t no standard off the menu rice bowl. Lemon Rice
topped with Avocado, corn, salsa, refried beans, red pepper, sweet corn,
guacamole, chipotle chicken, sour cream, Pico de Gallo, chipotle sauce, salsa
roja; this bowl screams out flavors extracted from 13 different elements. It
may seem all messed up and confusing, but you can actually taste every flavor
in there complimenting each other. This is one famed flavor riot.
Overall experience spells value for money
on all counts; hospitality, portion served, price and of course taste. The
experience of the meal was enhanced by the candid conversation with the ever
courteous Chef. This is one House you must visit to enjoy Chipotle like never
LipSmackingMeter 4/5
Until next time,

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