Denim Dreams!!!

Denim Dreams!!!
Hello guys, it has been quite some time since I have written anything on my blog. To be absolutely honest, it feels like it has been millennia.
To say quick fire projects and professional commitments have tied me down would be an excuse. Well, let’s leave the chitter chatter for some other time and get going.
It has been nearly a year since I began writing on my own blog. With an open space and an unexplored world, I was the girl with a plan. was created to be viewed as a window into my life and passion for food, travel and fashion.
However, things do not always go as planned. A majority of my early posts were tilted towards food and slowly nudged travel and fashion out of the picture.
Reigniting my passion for fashion and travel, my next few posts would relate to these; maybe a few snippets of food in between. 

Almost none of you readers would know this but I spent a majority of my childhood dressed as a tom boy, shades of which are visible even today. Mom’s wardrobe was a restricted area. Ripped denims/ boyfriends jeans paired with a tee is my preferred style statement, must haves which I believe should exist in each ones wardrobe. 
Here is my perfect pair of Ripped denim!
This pair of high waist denims paired with an off shoulder here is the kind of chic outfit that is easy to carry. Black heels and a choker compliment the ripped denims.
The off shoulder could also be replaced by a solid round neck tee or a plain white shirt or a crop top.
An interesting fact about the choker is that it’s the ultimate comeback accessory from the 90’s that can be styled as a chic style or just plain goth.
Black Off-Shoulders: Shimmers, Lokhandwala
Black Heels: Aldo shoes
Sling Bag: Lifestylestores
My next look is a little more adventurous with this denim skirt. Though I was a little conscious about wearing short skirt due to stocky legs and scars, my friend encouraged me with her soul awakening speech “Live for yourself, you’re beautiful”.
Fashion is about being comfortable in your skin. I’m not perfect, nobody is but what really matters is how you accept yourself and is thankful for what you have. When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade (oops, no food talk). 

Cream Cotton and Lace cold shoulder top with cut out sleeves partnered with the skirt.The lace cutouts on the sleeves spruce up the style quotient on this cold shoulder. Gladiators or boots are the preferred option here.
Cold Shoulder: Now-The offline fashion
Skirt: Forever21

Gladiators: Forever21
A loud shout out to Ipshita D B for her soul touching speech &  these beautiful clicks J
I hope you guys like what you read and maybe I can inspire you to wait for more such posts. I would love to hear your feedback and comments J
Please support and keep encouraging me as you have done with my previous posts.
Fashion has to reflect who you are , what you feel at the moment & where you’re going – Pharrell Williams 

Find more about my favorite denim joggers from Bewakoof on my next blog.
Until Next Time,

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