Hitched on Food at Hitchki!

Hitched on Food at Hitchki!
Hic! Hitchki ….. No no no, I am not
getting hiccups. Hitchki is the name of a new rising start up at Kala Ghoda,
Fort. I dropped by this place a couple of fortnights ago already excited about
the buzz surrounding “Hitchki” and the buzz is true.
Brace yourself people, this post is
going to be longer than the usual ones simply because the food here is
absolutely delightful.
Situated in the artsy by lanes of
Kala Ghoda, just behind Rhythm House rests this new on board place with kickass
music, fancy cocktails and an all-day food bar. High tables and bar stools
occupy the lower floor while the upper floor is an actual diner with couches
and wider tables. 

Breakfast to fusion desserts, everything here is prepared with a twist.I started off with a Salad; yep salad.

Julius Chicken Caesar Salad: Layers of Parmesan baked Papad
stacked with Romaine lettuce and grilled chicken in Caesar dressing and topped
with shavings of Parmesan cheese. The crunchiness of the Papad added a
surprising twist along with an unexpected Indian touch.
Virgin Malta Mojito: This one was not on the menu but ask
for the Virgin version of cocktails and prepare to be surprised. Served in a
simple short glass on the rocks with chunks of Malta and mint this refresher
was uber zesty and chilled.
We started our gastronomical journey with an assorted platter of Kebabs
consisting of:
Full Zol Che: Medium sized Cashewnuts Tikki stuffed with
Mozzarella cheese and served with Almond Yogurt. The Tikki were crisp golden
brown on the outside and gooey on the inside with the veg and cheese stuffing. The
almond yogurt served as a side was insufficient nevertheless it was rich and
Skewer ke Bachon: Hahaha, the name cracked me up and all my
friends who caught a glimpse of my Snapstory. These famous words from Sholay
yelled out by the iconic Gabbar prompted me to try this one.

Chicken marinated in catalina dressing served on skewers and
topped with almond slivers and dip. So juicy and perfectly cooked, this one
demanded second helpings. 
Charlie Chapli Kebab : Another nostalgic name, this one
reminded me of the teary eyed laughter while watching the legendary Charlie
Chaplin. No, the kebab wasn’t spicy enough to reduce me to tears but instead it
had the comforting taste of good old kebabs prepared at home, full of flavors.
These were served with thin potato crispy and thecha mayo.
Bhut Jolokia Wings and Rings: Behold the kebab that can make
your nose red and eyes watery. My very first attempt at trying Bhut Jolokia aka
Ghost Pepper, one of the world’s hottest peppers.
Juicy Chicken wings glazed with Bhut Jolokia sauce rested on
a bed of crispy onion rings. This platter of crispy rings and juicy wings was a
winner. A dish so good, I had to put aside my lens to savor this meaty delight.

No exaggeration here, but the wings were so hot and fiery
that I had to sip on my Malta Mojito after each bite to avoid resembling a fire
breathing dragon. I would still rate this as a must try.
After a round of consecutive starters, it was time for the
mains. We went with recommendations by our server.
Savji Mutton with Paratha: This Maharashtrian dish arrived
with an aroma of coconut in the aisle. Delicious thick gravy consisting of
grated coconut, whole spices and succulent pieces of mutton was paired well
with soft shreds of Paratha and a side of chilled Raita.
Comforting yet filling, we finished the entire bowl of
Mutton curry, literally wiping our plates clean. We may seem like gluttons but
this dish deserved a glutton.
Palak Paneer Risotto: Apparently
the only Veg dish I tried here and boy did they get this one spot on.

Creamy Spinach Riso with little
soft cubes of Paneer and topped with crispy Oakras, it was one bowl of
delicious smoothness.
Just as we were done with this excellent dish we were given
more hope with Prawns Laksa Biryani. Long Basmati grains cooked with laksa
paste and prawns, this one turned out to be a dud. The prawns were slightly
undercooked and maybe a bit too big to be served in rice.
Prawns of a smaller size and better cooked could have turned
this dish into a winner. Thewickedsoul loves biryani but this one turned out to
be “tai tai fish”.
As always is the case when I feel low, a dessert is always
nearby and I am thankful to the Almighty for the sweet treats I am fortunate
enough to have. Without delaying any further, here we goooooooo . 
Inspired by the hit song featuring “Bhai” from his recent
movie is the super hit “Baby Ko Base
”, a green tea cheesecake prepared using cream cheese and a milo
base. Smooth and creamy, this was one of the best green tea variants I have
tasted. Quite a few restaurants have tried to replicate this with Matcha
cheesecake but only a few like Hitchki have managed to get it right.
The food served here at Hitchki is
one of the best in recent times. Hence, the need to jot down the right words to
justify the quality of service and food served is important.There is always a
lingering doubt when we visit a place for the first time but I’m sure you will
love this place.
Hitchki was barely a week old when
I had visited them and their food concepts were much stronger than what I had
expected. A rare few first time misses have been shared via feedback and I hope
to see them improve and do much better in the near future.
Best wishes to Team Hitchki!
#LipSmackingMeter 4.5/5

Until next time,

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