Yes I D:Oh – Restaurant Review D:OH! All day cafe

Yes I D:Oh – Restaurant Review D:OH! All day cafe
Lower Parel is a neighborhood swarming with eateries just like fireflies in a bush on a dark night. The latest firefly to shine in this night sky is D:OH! All day café!
Painted in hues of blue and white with a splash of green and yellow upholstery, this vibrant café does enough to lift the mood on any dull day. I was quick to visit in the first week itself close to Valentine’s.
Cafés are my second home, a place where I can spend countless laidback hours, have endless conversations, play board games and feast on some great food. D:OH! has all of that magic and more.

The café houses a comfy section with swing seating which will make you at ease and have some hearty conversations with friends or you can choose to sit at the Communal table if you want to mingle with fellow diners or the cozy booths await if you plan to spend some time alone either reading a book or just. The café is bright and vivid with a lot of natural lights flooding in through the large windows and the minimalist crockery add to the pleasant experience.

Emphasizing on self-service, orders can be placed and picked over the counter. The best feature of self-service here is “Booze by the Tap”!! You drink it, you fill it from the tap.
Patrons are handed a buzzer with every order. Every time they hear the buzz, they have to walk down the aisle to the counter and collect their order. This feature would not seem new if you have dined at Bhagat Tara Chand or Kaboom outlet.
The menu is quite simple with broader categories listing a few options in each class to choose from. It simplifies the often tedious task of picking an item from the menu.
I started with an Iced Latte and Berry Bomb mocktail paired with a couple of starters and quickly dashed over to our table to enjoy some board games while we awaited our feast.Just as the joyful sound of the school bell would sound the start of the lunch period, our buzzer was alive and a tray of starters made it’s way over to our table.

Burnt Garlic Chicken and Sesame Prawn & Scallion dumplings; a mix of chicken and prawn dumplings, soft cushy little dumplings with a mild flavor but lacking appropriate seasoning.

Bbq Chicken Cheese-melt: Smoky chicken sandwiched between two grilled slices of bread with caramelized onion and oodles of cheese. The smokiness of chicken was perfect and left us wanting for more. The sandwich is served with a small portion of crisperfect peri peri fries making it a quick grab for hungry afternoon breaks.
Mac and Cheese : The Mac and cheese was homely and comforting, just as it should be.
After a round of nibbles, the mains were upon us. While I decided to skip mains and opt for a Freak shake, my friend chose to try out the Mutton Burger.
Moments later when the burger arrived, the overall appeal of the burger drew me into a bite.
An average sized burger, this one is enough to get your hands messy while you gorge on the juiciest burger in the house. The Lamb patty was tender and juicy and the meat used in preparation is probably the finest quality I’ve tasted in a burger. The peri peri fries complimented this freak of a drool-worthy burger.


Freakin Pretzels Shake: A monstrous jar filled to the brim with thick Nutella milkshake topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and half a dozen pretzels.

The copious amount of Nutella oozing out of the hearty pretzels was a romantic view to look at. This jar of happiness was staring me down as if to say “finish me if you can”.
Even with some help from my partner, I struggled to reach the bottom of the jar. A word of advice: if you do want to try this calorific freak shake, eat light before-hand, be prepared.
Our hearts content and our souls attaining sweet nirvana, it was a while before we decided to stand up and head for the exit. The prices are reasonable, the self-service option is quirky and they are open every day of the week. Overall, it was a fun afternoon spent at this bright and beautiful café amidst some really good food and entertaining board games.
D:Oh! is one of those few newcomers stealing the limelight and if you happen to be close on the map, be sure to bask in the light.Until then,

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