Hello Guppy – Japanese Cafe and Bar

Hello Guppy – Japanese Cafe and Bar

Until recently, the buildings at BKC were pretty monotonous with their glass panels and single shade denoting the business societies. A new guppy has just swum into this business organized locality. The bright and vibrant interiors of this Japanese Sushi house “Hello Guppy” have filled color into this otherwise subtle neighborhood. “Hello Guppy” is located in Godrej Building and it is hard to miss.

Funky Interiors:

The walls are splashed with bright artistic paints and pool inflatables and fancy lights suspend from the ceiling. The tables have a hypnotizing look and the floors are decorated with some intricate tile graffiti.

Sushi Bar Funky Interiors
Artistic Japanese Food:

I was excited to sample the food here as good Japanese cuisine is rare in the city.
We started off with a bowl of Chirashi Seafood Salad and Sushi.

The Seafood Salad was an explosion of flavors of all kinds. Not only did this taste good but the riot of colors was uplifting. The crunchiness of veggies and soft melt-in-the-mouth fish (Salmon, Tuna, crabstick) in sesame Goma ae dressing made this delicious bowl a must try at HG.

Japanese Sushi

California Roll and Spicy Salmon Roll were the edible works of art, to say the least.

Japanese Rice Bowl
Chicken Breast Donburi Rice

Moving on to the Mains, the Chicken Breast Donburi Rice Bowl was a flavourful delight. Glazed in teriyaki sauce, the chicken was perfectly cooked resting on a bed of steamed rice, fresh veggies, and sauce.

Japanese Rice Curry
Katsu Kare Rice

Chicken Katsu rice stole my heart with all its cuteness. Finely designed cute Bunny and Panda silhouettes were prepared from steamed rice and placed in a bowl of Japanese styled curry. Served with Pan Fried Chicken & stir fried veggies, this bowl of happiness was pure joy.

After an impressive serving of mains, it was dessert time 

Matcha Fondant-Thewickedsoul
Matcha Fondant

I was keen to have the Raindrop Cake but unfortunately, it was unavailable. Based on recommendations, we tried the Matcha Fondant. Expected gooey matcha to ooze out like the usual fondant, instead the Matcha soufflé was dry and lacked sweetness.

Parfait TheWickedSoul
Mango & Raspberry Parfait

The Mango and Raspberry Parfait was served in a tall glass with layers of fresh fruits, crème patisserie, chocolate soil & raspberry creme. The special dessert spoon could not reach the bottom of the glass and the layers had to be scooped individually. It was a messy affair and can afford a skip.
It is disheartening that the desserts were a disappointment. The overall dining experience was a little above average. The mains were beautifully presented, scrumptious and every dish brought a smile.
These guys definitely have an artist preparing their food behind the doors 
Sprinkled with happiness and smiles, Hello Guppy is a recommended visit.

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