Shades of Spiti Valley- Photo Diary

Shades of Spiti Valley- Photo Diary

It’s that time of the year when the love for mountains is the strongest. The customary “Mountains are calling” profile updates create an online flood. The Google routes to Leh-Ladakh become synonymous with the colour red.

I was one of the souls from this crowd who would dream of wandering in the mountains. Ladakh was sketched on my travel list from the time it was showcased in the movie “3 Idiots”. Years ago, I had drawn a favourable travel plans and my shopping routines for the expected trip were ongoing. Amidst all the preparations, there was one friend who suggested Spiti instead of Ladakh.

Spiti Valley was not heard of but beautiful pictures of this lesser-explored region on Google convinced me to alter my travel plans.

Spiti Valley is theoretically known as “middle land” since it falls between Tibet and India. It is a cold desert mountain valley amidst the mighty Himalayas in the northern state of India – Himachal Pradesh. It is also the least populated region of India and can be reached either via Manali or the Shimla- Kinnaur route.

Enroute spiti valley
Nature’s wonderland – where green meets blue and at every mile, nature changes it hues

We hired a Sumo taxi to journey through the winding Manali roads. The views from along the way were simply breathtaking. Even a mechanical breakdown could not drown our spirits. The clouds could pass for cotton candy, floating just a few feet off the ground. Dense fog engulfed large sections of the road until we made our way past Rohtang. Once we had negotiated the snow clad slopes of Rohtang Pass, there was not a single soul for miles along the rocky terrain. Barren land covers the valley as far as the eyes can see and the mountains change its hues under the cloud covers. The cool wind whips a pleasant crack and the gold rays of the sun sparkle on the vast mountain range. All I can say is “Welcome to Spiti”.

Sumo in Spiti Valley
Our survivor in this harsh terrain
Welcome to Spiti!

I wish I could draw a more beautiful picture of Spiti in your mind as the one that lies in memory. But, sometimes words are not enough. So, I am sharing a snippet of my Spiti diaries from my trip back in 2015 to help you decide if you should visit this non commercialized piece of heaven.

The cover picture is so difficult to pick. Should I share the rugged mountain terrains or the clouds within an arm’s reach? Should it be the rhythmic prayer bells with a background score or remote villages in the highest peaks? Or should it begin with the most welcoming locals extending their warm hospitality or kids with cherry red cheeks blushing while smiling at strangers in their humble village.

At Spiti, I have experienced true village life, learned respect for scarce basic resources, bore witness to a mother’s effort to educate her daughters, family sacrifices and above all, kindness to all. I hope these pictures can showcase the true beauty of Spiti as viewed through my wicked lens! And rolling ……


No Man’s Land


Life is a Journey, not a race
Kunzum Pass – The gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. One of the highest motorable mountain passes in India.


Fire – Play!

Pitstop 1- Kaza 

Kaza is the main town where you can get accommodation, transport and internet facility (at the speed of a dial up).  HRTC buses ply between Kaza and Key Monastery / Kibber Village once a day. Keep an eye on the bus schedules to manage your time

We boarded the evening bus from Kaza to Kibber to arrive at a rain soaked village!
Room with a Mountain view
Talk about a room with a view. Our room at Zanchuk Homestay, Kibber
Spiti Valley Locals
Rosy Cheeks- Dimple Chin! This cutie is the little owner of this homestay.
Kibber Village - Spiti, Himachal
A bright & sunny morning with a clear Bird’s Eye View of Kibber
Spiti Valley
Beauty blossoms in the wilderness
Kye Monastery, Spiti
Next destination was Key Monastery!

After trekking for hours on an unknown trail from Kibber we arrived to this magnificent view.

The Old Monk!
Monks prepping for their annual festival
A misty morning at Kaza, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

The next day we returned back to Kaza to further explore Spiti! There are no direct buses from Kibber / Key to any other spots except Kaza.

I don’t burn Bridges I click with them 😛
A riot of colors on nature’s canvas
Tabo Monastery

A sunset on our return journey from Tabo to Kaza was nothing short of glowing gold![

Colors of prayers and peace!

Hope you liked my little Photo Diary paying tribute to Spiti Valley, the land of happiness and heaven in Himachal.

P.s all the above pictures were clicked by a modest HTC Desire Eye which simply proves that you don’t need to lug yourself with a heavy DSLR to capture true beauty.

Beauty lies in the lens of beholder 🙂 Over to you which Camera / Phone do you use to capture while travelling?

Until then,



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