Fabelle – the best kept secret for hot chocolate & desserts

Fabelle – the best kept secret for hot chocolate & desserts

Fabelle – the best kept secret for hot chocolate & desserts

A fair warning before you scroll down further and get some serious cravings for chocolate. Well you can blame me or rather blame this chocolate heaven for its hard-to-resist creations.

Last year, while visiting ITC Maratha, Andheri, I stumbled upon this beautiful chocolate boutique, Fabelle. I had already heard some rave reviews about this place serving the best hot chocolate in Mumbai. I found it quite odd that I had never tried hot chocolate here before. Just as the coffee, I take my Hot chocolate very seriously, and I don’t pass a verdict without trying it a couple of times. Did the Hot chocolate at Fabelle check all the boxes and get on my list of best hot chocolates in the city? Read on further to know more.

Fabelle exquisite chocolate boutique is nestled in ITC Maratha, Andheri. First of a kind, it is known for it’s luxury handcrafted chocolates, signature desserts and Societe de chocolat ‘the ar of
chocolate making classes’.
Each creation is made from cacaos sourced from some of the finest cocoa growing countries like Ivory Coast, Ghana , Madagascar, etc. Fabelle is a gorgeous little dessert kitchen with three cozy tables attached to a couch. The place usually sees inhouse guests indulging in desserts or chocolate loyalists picking up their box of take away chocolates. As you enter, you can look through the artistic pieces of chocolate on display in the glass counter to decide which ones to pick to satiate your sweet tooth. Sink into the couch and watch the Chocolatier whipping up their magical creations while the aroma of different chocolates makes the wait irresistible.

Here are some of the masterful creations I have tried and loved while on my last few visits to Fabelle.

Hot Chocolate: Beginning with the single most important reason for my visit, Hot chocolate. Without a shadow of a doubt, Fabelle is one of the best kept secrets in the Hot Chocolate universe. The Hot chocolate here is unlike anything you have tried before. Made from single origin cacao, the hot chocolate is bold, unique and not for the timid.

São Tomé  Classic Hot Cocoa: Made from São Tomé 70% dark chocolate Madagascar Vanilla pod, its fruity notes are paired with bold spices like Lankan cinnamon and black pepper. Topped with a cloud of whipped cream and cocoa nibs this beverage is decadently thick, real dark, smooth and irresistible.


Milk Cocoa: This one is for those who like milk chocolate with nuts. Served in a pot, hot chocolate is poured over nougat chunks and pistachio almonds in the cup. A smooth transition from the pot to cup to your lips, its velvety smoothness is broken by the crunchiness of nuts in every bite. The quantity suffices two or you can be selfish and finish it all by yourself. Pure, elegant indulgence in a cup san any added preservatives.

Best hot chocolate at Fabelle ITC Maratha - Thewickedsoul
Spiced Hot Cocoa

Spiced Hot Chocolate: Only the brave dare sip on this. I was a little hesitant at first but eventually gave in to the temptation.

Served in a tall glass, Spiced Hot Chocolate is made of single origin 67% dark Madagascar chocolate infused with Indian spices and topped with Truffled French Chantilly cream. Spoon the cream and unearth the gloriously rich and intense hot chocolate that lay beneath. A mouthful of dark and rich chocolate completed by an aftertaste of the warmth of spices.

If you prefer your chocolate cold, Fabelle serves some interesting beverages: Frappe of Madagascar Chocolate (67% dark Madagascar chocolate with berry) and Smore chocolate milk (Ghana milk chocolate with flame charred marshmallows)

Desserts at Fabelle ITC Maratha

Desserts at Fabelle are a work of art, crafted gorgeously with premium ingredients and complementing flavors that are so delicious that you’d want to lick the coating off the spoon. The sensational flavors will linger on your palate for the longest in your memory.

Vanilla Cremeux Bar with St. Domnique Chocolate Mousse

Mousse made of 70% Saint-Domingue cocoa is beautifully paired with a light cream of Madagascar vanilla and invigorated with a crunch of almond hazelnut duo. Fetch a spoon and immerse yourself in the delicate flavours of this masterpiece. 

Chocolate mousse Fabelle

84% Signature Dark Chocolate Petit Cale with Fleur De Sel 

This one-of-a-kind treat is made using Signature dark chocolate in three ways – richness of ganache, fruity kick of citrusy chocolate cream and smoothness of chocolate mousse, on a bed of sea salt-nut sable (biscuit) glazed with cocoa. This is the stuff chocolate dreams are made of.

Éclair Venezuela

This éclair is not the ones we are used to seeing in local bakeries. Choux pastry filled with 72% Venezuelan chocolate and adorned with caramel and dulcey cream and garnished with gold, makes for an Instagram post. Its airy, crunchy and goes well with a cuppa. This sugary treat will raise doubts about the best of eclairs this city can offer.

Luxury chocolates and creations:

Chocolates at Fabelle ITC

Elements: I have never seen such dedication given to the simplest of chocolates; each element dedicating to mother nature. Its impressive and beyond the applauds.

Earth, Air, Water, Wood and Fire, every element is distinctive and dedicated to the five elements of Nature.

My favourites are Water – Dark choco mousse dripping with Acacia nectar, laced with French sea salt and enveloped in a rich dark chocolate shell. Fire- Dark chocolate shell filled with white mousse infused with fiery Ancho chilli and tangy candied mango to set your senses on fire.

As you like it cup: Personalization taken to the next level, now customise a box of chocolate cups as per your choice of toppings. Choose from dark or milk chocolate cups with delectable fillings and top it off with some delicious nibs. Machiato Chocolate Cup, Minty Dark and Triple Chocolate are just some of the fabulous variants available. Make your own cup and feel like a chocolatier.


Gianduja: Fabelle is known for perfecting their chocolates. When the finest of cacao, sugar and toasted hazelnuts combine, a decadent chocolatey goodness named Gianduja is created.

Fabelle also creates “No Sugar Added” chocolates. So, if you are avoiding sugar but want to indulge in chocolates, you know where to head to satiate those sinful chocolate cravings.

I’d take pretty much any excuse to visit Fabelle to indulge in their incredibly delicious desserts. What about you?

Until then,


Special thanks to the lovely staff at ITC Maratha for helping with pictures featuring me.

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