Bandra Fair – 'Pray, Eat & Pose'

Bandra Fair – 'Pray, Eat & Pose'

Hi there, I hope you enjoyed reading my last post.
This time around I am back to share my experience at the Bandra fair.
The most awaited and biggest fair of Mumbai, Bandra
fair is held at Bandra’s Mount Mary Church. It is an 8 day fair held annually on the
footsteps of the church, from the Sunday after the 8th of September to the following Sunday, to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Mount. During this period, lakhs of devotees attend the shrine.
I vividly remember that as a school kid, I
would tag along with my elder sister and our friends to Bandra fair. For us it
was just a reason to have fun in the fair. We would have ice creams and cotton
candy, ride the giant wheel and buy keychains with our names embossed on rice. This year I decided to visit with a few of my
friends. We reached around noon to avoid the thronging crowds.

Many stalls are setup enroute to the shrine
selling religious objects, a variety of different shaped wax works, coloured candles and flowers.

We made our way past the entry lanes and up to the statue of “Our Lady of the

We then made our way into the Church.

The beautiful view of the Church decorations
left me awestruck. I could never imagine seeing a Church hall more beautifully
decorated, something I could not manage to capture in the pic.

After offering prayers, we descended down the
steps and into the fair. We survived the afternoon heat largely due to these old school candy popsicles.
Childhood Memoirs

There are stalls lining both sides of the steps
offering a variety sweets, clothes, accessories, toys and other stuff.



It was disheartening to see so many kids
working for a daily meal instead of enjoying the fair.

As we walked further past the end of the fair,
we stopped over at a small stall to try out some delicious looking tandoori
chicken and kebabs. It was average at best – not all that shimmers is gold 🙁


With our appetite still urging for some more
edibles, we agreed to load up at “Wok this way”.

We tried the Wheat Flat Noodles (Chicken) with
Burnt Garlic & Chilli sauce and Lamb rice with their signature sauce.I personally preferred the Wheat Flat Noodles which left
a lasting taste in my mouth and a memory note to return to WOK.

I wanted to ride the Giant wheel but post a
heavy meal, well, it would not be very smart.. lol !!!

I happened to spot this 4×4 classic parked in one of the lanes at the end of the fair and could not resist snapping it. Ain’t this cool or what !!


Just when I thought we would wind up for the
day, a couple of my friends decided to visit “Chocolateria San Churro” in
Bandra. It turns out they were celebrating their half yearly wedding
anniversary. San Churo, here we come……. 

This uncle was afraid that I would drive off with this rickshaw.

 The unexpected Mumbai rains could not dampen our excitement as we entered San Churos. 
I opted for Dark Chocolate Fondue while my
friends went with the more sober Italian soda and Chocolate milkshake. Their expressions pretty much spelt out the Italian soda.

We spent the rest of the evening chatting and
deciding over our next destination trip.

It was a wonderful day & I hope to visit
again next year. Do share your memories from your visits.
Till then, Much love..

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