Surfing the Mango Wave!

Surfing the Mango Wave!
Aam ka MausAam aa hi gaya!
I don’t like Mangoes said no one ever! Bestowed
the title of “King of the fruits” the Mango justifies its hefty tag completely.
The more luxurious the want, the more scarce it is. Mango being available only
in the months of April & May, TheWickedSoul went all out to hunt the best
desserts prepared using mangoes. Watch out Mangoes, the not so “Aam” wickedsoul
is gunning for you.
Blessed with 32 sweet teeth, I rarely miss
an opportunity to explore the newest desserts in town.

Whenever you think of Mangoes, your mind
begins wandering over the different options you could have; Aam Rass, Ice-Cream,
Milkshakes and so on. TheWickedSoul has combed the city to present some of the
best ideas put forth by the masters of the craft. Let’s stop burning those
minutes on the clock and read on to find out what the city holds.

 Di Bella, now christened “Coffee By Di Bella” has launched Mango Waffles
& Shakes.
I tried the Mango Milkshake; a tall glass full of
luscious fresh Mango & Vanilla shake topped with whipped cream &
diced mangoes. Priced at Rs.220 incl of taxes, this  was one of the best milkshakes I have had this
season & makes it to the top of my list 😛
Mango Cheesecake at Eat Around the corner,Bandra
A piece of heaven or shall I say a Cheesy Piece of heaven.
Smooth as silk, this square was glazed with mango puree
& covered with mango cubes making it all the more irresistible. Fresh and
cheese-perfect, priced at Rs.350, it was worth every penny & every extra calorie.
This one ranks at the top from among similar other cheesecakes in town. Indulge
in this delight cheesecake before the season flies by!

Mango Thali @Rajdhani Thali: No summer is
complete without a visit to Rajdhani. Almost like clockwork, every year,
Rajdhani serves up some of the best dishes prepared using mango. The “Aamlicious
festival arrives with great punctuality to fulfil the wishes of its starving
devotees. Mango Ring Dhokla, Kairi Chilli Samosa, Kachori, Mango Dal Dhokli,
Aami ki Launji with Khoba Roti, Kari Samose ki Sabzi, Mango Kadhi, Mango Jalebi
phew !!! All of these heavenly creations gather together once a year in
Rajdhani’s special thali. Do try this not so aam thali before the season ends J

Mango Ice Cream Sandwich at K Rustom: A
visit to K Rustom for their pure mango Ice Cream Sandwich brings back childhood
memories. Smooth as velvet, a slurp of this Mango Ice Cream is as good as biting
into a slice of pure Alphonso. Priced at a meagre Rs 60, this one is a real steal
especially in this era of inflation and burning temperatures.
Mango Pavlova:  As mentioned earlier, this season is more
about exclusivity and Pavlova is worthy of being termed “exclusive”. Pavlova is
a staple Aussie/ Kiwi dessert, a meringue based dessert prepared with cream
& topped with fresh fruits. My favourite pavlova comes from a special home
baker (Ms. Reshma Mane) aced in
making pavlovas.

Chocolate based Pavs filled with cream & topped with
fresh mangoes & Nutella will make you weak in your knees. Mango Pavs are availbale
in Vanilla, Raspberry & Matcha base as well. Do try your favourite flavour soon.
Contact her here
Mango Tart & Mousse at The Rolling Pin
Mango Cheese Mousse prepared in the shape of a Pouty luscious Lip was as sultry & smooth as it looked. The colour was pale but the taste of fresh mangoes highlights this seductive creation. Priced economically between Rs. 195-250, The Rolling Pin have set the benchmark on taste and price.

Mango Tart was a flaky crusty pastry filled with Mango Custard & garnished beautifully with fresh mango slices resembling rose petals. Visually appealing, the flavours of mango are used beautifully in this handsome.

 Mango Sundae at Naturals Ice Cream: Naturals is one of many Ice cream parlours in the city but no one beats them at their natural fruit flavoured offerings. Fresh mango cubes topped with a scoop or two of mango flavoured ice cream was just too aam-licious. Priced at Rs.120, this mango offering is more than enough to beat this summer’s heat wave and feast on the king of the fruits.

 Mango Falooda at Haagen Daz: Renowned
for using exotic flavours in ice creams, Haagen Daz were not about to be left
behind this mango season. Scooping the Mango & Mango-Raspberry flavours
this season, they offer the same in shakes & faloodas.

This giant glass featured here, consists of
Kesar & Mango Falooda, topped with Mango Ice-cream & fresh mango dices.
Priced at Rs.395 plus taxes, this one feels heavy on the
pocket, especially for a Falooda, but worth every shot taken. 
 Mango & Frangipane Tart at Star Annise:

A beautiful tart calling your name from the shelf,
dominating the other mango powerhouses; cheesecake and macarons, this Mango
Tart was no ordinary dessert. A beautiful work of art, with Mango & Cream
carves topped on almond flavoured pastry with a hint of cinnamon. It is awarded
as the most beautiful dessert from yours truly; however on my taste list it is
at a lowly number 8 since I do not fancy cinnamon. For those who do not mind
the cinnamon spice, this is one treat/ tart that should not be missed!

Gabbar Mango at Bunty Juice Centre, Borivali: No, no, no, this is not the bad guy from Sholay, but a hero at Bunty Juice centre, Borivali.

The name is used to spread the khauff of this dessert among the nearby dessert outlets (or so the owner says so). Gabbar Mango is made of most variations of mangoes; mango shake, fresh mango slices, mix fruit puree, Ice Cream and some magic pop ups. Priced at Rs.220, the Gabbar is too difficult to handle for one person. Drag along a sidekick to help you on this mission.
 Mango Parfait at Café Infinito, BKC:  Jumping onto the mango bandwagon, Café Infinito
is celebrating the Tropical festival with an array of mango delicacies; Mango
Colada, Mango Salsa, Mango Parfait, Tarts & much more. My favourite pick
was Mango Parfait, a smooth pudding made of egg yolks, with a crunch base of sugar
& butter & topped with Mango cubes. It was polished off within minutes.
 Nothing beats real
unadulterated Alphonso mangoes. The root cause of all Mango related happiness J
Hope you like my selection; do write back to share your
Until then My dilllll goes Aaaammmm
aaaammmm aaaammmm!!!


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