Where to find the Best Hot Chocolate in Mumbai this Winter

Where to find the Best Hot Chocolate in Mumbai this Winter

Finally, I can positively say “Winter is here”. I can feel the nip in the air and all I crave for on these chilly evenings is Hot Chocolate. But to be honest, it ain’t freezing cold or snowing outside (missing Paris right now). As Mumbaikars, our city’s weather is more humid and pleasant than cold, and so, even a mere 28 degree gets us reaching for a warm cup.

My love for Hot chocolate knows no boundaries; it is love made edible. A café, for me, is judged on the quality of the cocoa served there. From the watery milk with Cadbury powder bobbling on top to rich thick indulgent molten chocolate that requires a spoon, TWS has tried almost every quality prepared.

It took me hours to put this list up. I hope this will save you from the nightmarish Bournvita-like hot chocolate and let you pick the best ones this winter. 

Alas we don’t have Godiva or Angelina here still, but the cafes listed below would not make you miss them either. Once you have tried these, I am sure you will never look at the hot chocolate as a regular drink.

Where to find best hot chocolate in Mumbai:

The Nutcracker:

This was a suggestion from one of my Insta friends Rakesh (@shutuploudly) who knew how much I love a good cup of hot chocolate.

I was there to experience a hot chocolate like never before. Nestled in the bylanes of Kala Ghoda, this café whips up each cup with perfection. Prepared using Callebut chocolate, it simply is molten chocolate in a cup – a pure indulgence. It is just dark as my soul and the perfect amount of rich as I want my chocolate to be.

Consistent quality over frequent visits The Nut Cracker holds a well deserving Top position on my list.

Also available in After Nine (Chocolate and Mint) and Caramel Hot chocolate.


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La Folie Lab

La Folie does the (second) best hot chocolate in town. Hot Cocoa here is made from Single origin Venezuelan (70% hot chocolate), poured from the kettle right in front of your eyes. It’s a treat to watch the thick indulgent molten chocolate filling up your cup.

Be bold and get every drop that sits at the bottom of your mug; it is definitely worth it.


Suzette Creperie & Cafe:

This French inspired café popular for its crepe and coffee, serves a cup full of chocolatey goodness in liquid form.

There was a bit of a wait on our visit but we were not disappointed. We were treated to a cup of thick and sinfully rich hot chocolate. This homemade hot chocolate is our favourite from the menu.

You may have to whet your appetite as its too heavy and may need a partner in crime to try out the crepes.

Chocolateria San Churro:

Bandra, the queen of suburbs is renowned for its café scenes. In spite of the numerous cafes and dessert parlours around every corner, San Churro still stands strong over the years.

Popular for serving some great chocolatey desserts, Hot chocolate here is a game changer.

Spanish Hot chocolate is gloriously rich, and impossibly thick and requires spooning up while Coverture Hot chocolate is for chocophilles who like their Hot cocoa extra dark. Also available in milk & white chocolate.

Simply put, walking into San Churro is like stepping into chocolate heaven.

Ellipsis Bakery:

This place is difficult to find, but, our love for hot chocolate didn’t stop us from scouting this literally hidden gem. Located in the BMC Asphalt compound, this charming artisanal bakery whips up fresh breads and baked goodies.

People don’t often come here for the hot chocolate. Our order was hot chocolate with marsh mallow add ons. Try not to gulp it down instead take it one spoon at a time. This sinfully delicious cup is a perfect companion on a cold winter’s day.

Food for Thought:

Snuggled in the book store KitabKhana, FFT is a nice cosy spot to spend some time reading a novel while sipping on the thickest hot chocolate.

It was surprisingly sweet with a soul satisfying taste. 

The Village Shop:

Not just another café in Bandra, this organic café does a good cup of hot cocoa. The Hot chocolate here is undeniably deeeeelicious. We would not mind being a regular here 😊

BirdSong The Organic Café:

Birdsong is literally hidden in the small lanes of Bandra. The curtains on a hectic shopping ritual at Hill Road should be drawn with a cup of warm hot chocolate at Birdsong. The consistency of the drink has been a bit questionable on my last couple of visits, nonetheless, the hot chocolate here is still an absolute delicious drink.

Have you tried any of these yet? Did we miss out any of your favourites in the list? DO mention them below and we will surely check your recommendations

Until then,


Note: All the Cafes mentioned above have been visited on my own, not part of my reviews.  The views and opinions are purely on my experiences and I would only recommend places I would visit or would want my loved ones too.

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