15 refreshing summer drinks under Rs 50

15 refreshing summer drinks under Rs 50

indian summer drinks for cheapRefreshing summer drinks under Rs 50 to beat the blazing heat in Mumbai. Summer, this year, is behaving like that notorious kid who is getting out of control; difficult to manage and just won’t behave. Stepping out in this hot as hell temperature is a challenge. One of the simplest ways to cool down is to keep sipping on your favorite drinks; something refreshingly delicious, extremely light on the pocket and you could sip ‘em all day long.

  1. Nariyal Pani- It’s a no brainer that Coconut water is the most popular drink during summers. Its cool, refreshing and delightful. Available for Rs 30-50, Coconut water is an elixir to keep the summer heat at bay.
  2. Jaljeera & Nimbu Pani: Mumbai is dotted with Nimbu Paani vendors during the summers. Mostly outside stations and Markets, lemon juice is a perfect summer sipper on a sweltering hot afternoon.  While Jaljeera is a popular Indian summer drink,good remedy for digestion. A concoction of lemonade with roasted cumin powder and other Indian spices soothes the tummy and keeps you hydrated. For just Rs 10 it’s pure bliss.
  3. Kala Khatta: The most popular flavour when comes to gola, Kala Khatta is made of Jamun (Indian Java plum) with rock salt, lemon and crushed ice. This stall at CST Khaugalli sells Kala Khatta sharbat for as low as Rs 15 with lots of ice, lemon and masala. Like bees around a hive, the stall is always swarming with thirsty souls. A perfect thirst quencher and a must try if you are in this area.
  4. Watermelon Juice: The one thing that compliments the summer so well is a tall glass of water melon juice. Known for its hydrating and cooling effects, the watermelon is my favorite fruit juice to chug down.
  5. Masala Chaas: This famous Indian drink is also known as Gujju Beers (psst.. they get high on Chaas). Easily available around every nook and corner of the city, it’s a great cooler after a heavy meal. Made with chilled yogurt and Indian spices, Chaas aids in digestion and has a cooling effect on overall, just Rs 10. Cheers!mango falooda for summer drinks
  6. Falooda: Available around the year, Falooda is no longer just a Ramadan drink. Its one of our favorite drink in the summers as the cooling effect of sabja in rose flavoured milk works wonders. Available in Rose and saffron flavours, this one sounds just right for a summer drink, no? Starting from Rs 40, one of our favorite stalls in Mumbai has got to be the iconic Yadgaar Falooda outside Bandra station which is packed throughout the day.
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  7. Sugarcane Juice: A glass full of sugar cane juice comes with heaps of health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and loaded with nutrients, indulge in this oh so cool beverage which is priced at a mere Rs 10-15.
  8. Fresh Mixed Fruit Juice: Fruit juice vendors, you’ll recognise them from afar as they call out to thirsty passers-by’s. Apple, Pineapple, sweet lime and more, juices are available per flavor or mixed, cocktail as they say. Only for Rs 30-40, the juices are a popular drink after work hours, or maybe even during.favorite summer drinks
  9. Mango Shake: No summer is perfect without indulging in a tempting glass of mango milkshake every now and then. Priced at just Rs 50, Mango milkshake at this outlet in Churchgate comes with chunks of mangoes to make any mango lover happy.
  10. Kokam Sharbat: India is known for spices and super foods that come with a bagful of health benefits & Kokam is one of them. Popular in Maharashtrian and Goan households, Kokam sharbat is a great summer drink and acts as a superb body coolant.
  11. Solkadi: This pink drink is quite popular in the Konkan regions of india. Available at Malvan eateries in Mumbai, it’s a drink that has can be enjoyed post every meal. Made from coconut milk and kokum, it is delicious & packed with many health benefits.
  12. Lassi: A famous North Indian traditional drink, lassi is a concoction of yogurt, sugar and a little water. It is creamy, incredibly delicious and available in fruit flavors too. My current favorite is Mango Lassi at Arrey milk booths.
  13. Aam Panna: Aam Panna is served as a welcome drink at many restaurants. Made of raw mangoes, it’s boasts a great combination of sweet and sour flavors and is an instant energy booster.
  14. Piyush: A creamy drink made of shrikhand and milk, topped with dry fruits and a hint of cardamom powder. Also known as shrikhand milkshake, Piyush is a very popular drink in Maharashtra. This particular stall in Parel sells a glass for just Rs 40.summer drinks in mumbai india
  15. Energy drink: A childhood favorite and this one never gets old. Arrey energy drink brings back a lot of childhood memories. The charm and delight of this nostalgic drink is still intact.

Here are my favorite summer drinks, which one is yours? And don’t say beer, please.

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