Eating out got easier with Eatigo – Food App review

Eating out got easier with Eatigo – Food App review

Eatigo- Food App review

The life of a food blogger is complicated, thinking where to eat today is the toughest decision we must make every day. While being hosted by restaurants has its own perks, I also love doing anonymous reviews or even catching up with friends at our favourite haunts without lugging my camera around. Trying out new places and eating out regularly can dig a hole in your pocket. Hence, I keep looking out for deals that could ease out my food bills.

While there are numerous apps available these days offering lucrative deals, finding an app offers something for no extra cost or hidden charge or membership fees is a tempting deal.

Eatigo App does just that for you; a restaurant reservation app that offers dining discounts up to 50% off on your food bill is something that simply draws attention.

I downloaded this app to find out 300+ restaurants offering a minimum 10% to a maximum 50% discount at any time of the day across Mumbai and Pune. This thing enticed me to try out those places that were on my food list.

The reservation is held up to 30mins with an option of either editing or cancelling. After quickly glancing through the terms and conditions, finding my favourite restaurant was simple.

I reserved a table at Soda Bottle Opener Wala at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel recently. The app offered half prices for breakfast hours.

Upon arrival, I pointed out my reservation over Eatigo which ensured the entire experience was smooth and the requisite discounts were taken care of in the bill. The discounts are mainly on food, so please refer to the t&c before booking.

I have always loved food at SBOW and have been a regular for their Pheteli Coffee. Compared to other Irani Cafes, the food here is definitely on a higher side. But getting a discount of up to 50% at your favourite restaurant is what it makes more appealing, right?


I dropped by for a weekend brunch and feasted on the delicious Egg Kejriwal, Bun Maska, Kheema Pav Irani Chai and Pheteli Coffee.

The entire process from reservation to billing was tidy, no hiccups 😊

Download Eatigo App and sidestep those hefty bills while dinning out. A great choice if you love planning your meals and reserving a table. With discounts and new restaurants being updated every week, it is one of the more convenient, easy to use apps out there.

Attend your first reservation through Eatigo and get Rs. 100 Paytm cash back. Use EATMUCH as Promo code which is valid until 30 June, 2018

Have you tried this app yet? If yes, I am looking forward to hearing your experiences in the comments below.

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