Best Cafes in Srinagar for every Coffee Lover

Best Cafes in Srinagar for every Coffee Lover

Best Cafes in Srinagar? One doesn’t expect Srinagar to be known for coffee or its café culture or at least I didn’t. Outshone for decades by tea and Kehwa, I was surprised to find the greatest brews at some of the smallest and most unusual streets of Srinagar.

Wandering the streets for street food was on my list, but the occasional rain showers forced me into cafes at regular intervals. And although I wanted to croon “Rain rain go away”, the uninvited monsoon showers were a blessing in disguise. I took this as an opportunity to explore the café scenes of Srinagar instead.

Here are some of my favourite cafes you should be checking out if you love coffee especially while you wait for the rain Gods to smile back at you.


Books and Brick: If you mean good coffee without any drama then head straight to Books and Bricks, a rustic cafe with undone walls & bare bricks adorning some all-time classics. The clean wooden tables and yellow bulbs effortlessly seam into the overall appeal of the café. One of the best things around here has got to be the cosy vibes and a on point menu. Known for its burgers and shakes, Books and Bricks is good for a brunch or even just a coffee while you sit back reading a classic.

The Latte here is the best around town and they score extra brownie points for that neat latte art!

Crème by Ahdoos: Ahdoos was the first confectionery and bakery to be established by a Kashmiri since 1918. Over the past 100 years, Ahdoos has expanded into a restaurant and a hotel.

Run by the third generation Hayat Bhat, the bakery was converted into a café with a modern classy look. From teas & coffee to freshly baked goodies, this café is the perfect hideout to spend some peaceful time away from the hustle & bustle of the city. The baked delights fly off the shelves especially during Ramadan with a long queue of patrons awaiting their orders. The coffee here is comforting and would most certainly remind you of home.


best cafe to visit in Srinagar
Soaking into the view with one sip at time.

Gulshan Coffee shop: It is often said that Kashmir is like heaven. But I say, it is the places like this that make Kashmir heaven. Arrive here and the amazing view will make your heart skip a beat.

Straight out of a painting, this café seems surreal. An extension of a book shop, Gulshan Coffee Shop offers coffee with a view like no other in Srinagar. Located right in the center of Dal lake at Nehru Park, the unobstructed views of the majestic lake are simply astounding.

Still not convinced? Well, here are a few enticing reasons to visit Gulshan Coffee Shop:

An enjoyable free shikara ride to reach here is the only way. The beautiful view is almost unmatchable while you sip on a coffee & the evenings are quite pleasant with the soothing sounds of azaan from the nearby mosques floating in the air.



Winter Fell Café: You can’t write about the café culture of Srinagar without mentioning Winter Fell Café.

One of the first GOT themed cafés in India, this is the brainchild of  Kamran and Ummar Nisar who are diehard fans themselves.

A replica iron throne intimidating patrons and a John Snow portrait on the wall is sure to keep any GOT fan hooked. They also boast a small library of GOT books and other classics to keep the trendy bookworm happy.

Not just books, they also host music performances & creative events/ screenings on a regular basis which is generally swarmed by GOT fans. Chicken Sausage sandwich is a great dish to pair with your coffee.

Good Fellas: I stumbled upon this café while wandering along the banks of the Jhelum river. Reminiscing an old Kashmiri house, with vintage wooden carved windows and homely food, the place has some relaxed vibes. The outdoor seating is perfect in winters, with a view of the garden overlooking the river. The sweet chirping of the love birds adds to the overall exuberance of this quiet place while you sip on a coffee as you watch the world pass by.

The food was quite average, however, drop by for a cold coffee and enjoy the laid back atmopshere.

Have you visited any of these Cafes in Srinagar? If yes how was your experience, do let me know in the comments below.

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