Aromazeia – Organic Products with benefits

Aromazeia – Organic Products with benefits

Many brands claim to sell Organic products in the name of health and natural preparations, however, only a handful of them are effective and survive the storm. After trying a few such products, I am certain to say that Aromazeia is not just talk but here to deliver as well.

I came across this brand by word of mouth and after going through their online reviews I decided to give it a try. Set in the foothills of Himalayas, Aromazeia aims to bring nature to consumers by manufacturing products using the finest organic ingredients.

From herbal teas, oils to Herbs, they have a variety of products which can be used in day to day life. Not only organic but in purest form each product comes with its own benefits. Below is the low down of products I used and liked:

    • Chamomile Tea: As much as I love coffee I am always on the prowl to sample good Green Tea Variants. I ditch the milk tea for green and herbal teas simply to detox the junk food I keep eating all time. Infusion of chamomile is soothing and consists a lot of health benefits like relieves stomach upsets and indigestions.  I found it very light and it required a longer brew in hot water to get that taste. Each Tea bag is tied up like a small cloth bundle packed in a box of 20.
    • Rosemary Tea: The thing I liked the most about their Organic Tea selections are the refreshing flavors. This is the first time I was trying Rosemary in a tea form. An infusion of rosemary and herbal tea, this Caffeine free drink with anti-aging properties is a perfect detox. Antioxidant with the goodness of health benefits is a great alternative to normal tea to start your day. It also helps treat headache and migraine.Apricot Chutney Organic Products Aromazeia
    • Apricot Chutney: When I saw this on their website, I was intrigued to try this variant of never-before-tried chutney. The chutney is packed in generous proportions in a glass jar. It was a bit thin and tasted similar to homemade tamarind chutney. The taste wasn’t distinct and any difference was barely noticed. But nevertheless, the chutney went well with some homemade Chawal ke Pakode (Rice Fritters)
    • Aromazeia Pain Relief Oil: This was a blessing in disguise. I have been troubled by regular swelling of my leg muscles due to a surgery which I had almost a decade ago. And it gives trouble especially during the cold weather. This pain relief oil not only helped relieve the pain but was also effective on sprains. The oil has a strong scent of eucalyptus which I found quite pleasing. Have you tried any organic brand before? Would you care to share your experience?Do give them a try if you are looking for products made from organic ingredients with heaps of health benefits.

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