“It’s the purity and beauty of the Himalayas , that breathes a new life in us, as every speck and every drop has been blessed by nature”Surrounded by snow peaks and gorgeous valleys, the Himalayan region has been known for its amazing produce and resources. Be it food, fruits or water, the region has, in the true sense, has been blessed with the best. And to help share the taste of the sweet Himalayas, Nourishco launched their Natural Mineral Water Brand- The Himalayan. In a recent Blogger’s meet, the VP and Head of Marketing, Nourishco, Mr. Kuttiah KS, gave insight on what natural mineral water is and how Himalayan is different from other brands.

Waters from Himalayas:

By definition natural mineral water is water occurring in nature with some dissolved salts present Himalayan is the first natural mineral water brand in India, the real pioneers of building the natural mineral water category in India. Born of melting snow in the pristine Shivalik range of the Himalayas, every drop of Himalayan is 20 years of percolation in the making. The water collects in an underground aquifer from where it is bottled, untouched and unprocessed; truly the way nature intended it to be. Every drop of Himalayan contains the goodness of natural organic minerals. The brand has been built on the proposition of “Live Natural”, which refers to a way of life close to nature, devoid of everything artificial and unnatural.

Himalayan as a brand has managed to increase awareness of the natural mineral water category in India, over the last few years. Water and natural mineral water have become extremely popular globally and India is also joining the league in transitioning from soft drinks to mineral water and flavoured water. The current Himalayan range of products include- Himalayan Natural Mineral Water, Himalayan Sparkling Water and Himalayan Orchard Pure.

With the launch of a limited edition sound cap bottle that is intended to play the sound of the wind of Himalayas this truly was an experience worth sharing.

Mr. Kuttiah shares, “This sound cap is a celebration of the rawness and fineness of Himalayan – two propositions that make Himalayan Sparkling a perfect accompaniment for fine dining experiences.” The limited-edition bottles are being made available at select outlets in Mumbai and New Delhi.

And we can’t wait already.

Do let me know your thoughts once you try this yourself.

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