Travel Light, Capture Sights with InFocus Snap 4

Travel Light, Capture Sights with InFocus Snap 4

Travel Light, Capture Sights with InFocus Snap 4

One of the most common questions I’ve have been asked over the years on Instagram is how I click food and travel photos. It’s no secret that I have been using my phone most of the time to click, which people find amusing. You will be amazed at just how good a smartphone can be to get those drool-worthy and picturesque shots.

Smartphone, the Real Saviour: 

Smartphones are just getting smarter every day. There’s a lot a smartphone can do nowadays. It’s not just for internet surfing or games but a lot more. Life is too short to let that perfect sunset go while changing the zoom lens on the camera. While traveling I prefer to keep my phone handy to capture those instant moments. Phones are the real-time saviour and let you avoid lugging around with a camera all the time.

Hands-on InFocus Snap4: 

With my phone, photography has always been about experimenting and finding the most comfortable click on my phone. I like to experiment new phones promising better camera quality and recently I got my hands on the new InFocus Snap 4, for just under 15000. Launched on 13th September in New Delhi by InFocus India, this phone is in the news for its power packed performance on a budget. They have also launched InFocus Turbo 5 which was doing the rounds in the list of smartphones under 10,000.

I got to try this phone first hand and was surprised to see the features it has to offer for that price tag. Read on to believe it.

Camera: The first and foremost thing I look at in a phone is its camera. I am the happiest when I get praised for a perfect shot clicked by my humble phone. InFocus Snap4 does not have just 2 but 4 cameras. Surprised already? 

The InFocus Snap 4 is equipped with 4 cameras; 13MP Auto Focus with 8MP dual rear camera with LED Flash Light, Digital Zoom for wider and vibrant images. The 8MP dual front-facing cameras are perfect for selfies and the wide angle is great for groupfies. You can click bright pictures to create memories even in low light conditions with the front camera. 

Thewickedsoul Infocus Snap4
Picture courtesy: @Sasha.okay.please

I was surprised how just one tap on the screen could change the mode from selfie to groupfie. Clicking with your squad has become easier than before. Time Lapse and Pano Features are easy to use / user-friendly without much complication. The Selfie mode comes with a Beauty mode option to capture your flawless self.

Another exciting feature I liked was the Focus/ Portrait Mode which lets you focus on the object and automatically blurs out the background. 

Look, Performance and Quality: Its lightweight and sleek metal body finish with curved display gives it an elegant look. The classy black color is part of my essentials.

The Fingerprint Sensor at the back makes it easier to unlock your phone and use right away. 

And with a battery of 3000mAh, this one will easily last you a day. Multitasking seemed smooth with its 4gb RAM. While most of the phones are restricting the expandable card slot, InFocus Snap 4 comes with 64Gb ROM and a micro SD slot which lets you use expandable up to 128GB; STORE away people!

With a Grid and Focus feature, clicking was simple.

Verdict: Overall the phone looks promising. For a Smartphone under 15000, InFocus Snap 4 

looks like an ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones. Don’t forget to check out the sale link

mentioned below to grab it before it runs out

Buy Snap4 exclusively from Amazon India

For Turbo 5 Plus, you can click here.

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