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Food and Travel blogging lifestyle is not as glamourous as it is portrayed on Instagram.

Travelling to different parts of the city, eating junk food, the sugar rush inducing desserts and not to forget the unlimited refills of caffeine to survive the hectic lifestyle are just some of the routine chores of an exciting life. I am certainly not complaining; I love every bit of my Blogging journey. However, there is a flip side to this perfectly happy life.

To be honest, I am very naïve when it comes to make up and application of beauty skin products. Life is too short to spend time sitting in front of a mirror and put on make-up. I would rather spend hours sitting at wonderful brunches and enjoying all the delicacies of the world.

Just like every other girl experiences, the friendly neighborhood pimples show up every month. The reasons could be numerous, not to mention the cheesy chunky pizzas and burgers.

This simple beauty dilemma didn’t get my attention until the breakouts got severe last month and started spreading across my cheeks. After a few unsuccessful home remedies I decided to consult a Dermatologist. I preferred Dermat over other make up remedies simply because I don’t like to play around with my skin and keep it minimal.

I visited Cutis Skin Studio after a few recommendations and online reviews about this place. My consultant was Dr Zeba Chabra, a Dermatologist at Cutis Skin Studio, Bandra. My skin problems were discussed and I listened carefully how our skin works and what causes the breakouts. She explained the process and recommended me to undergo an acne treatment to control the breakout and a skin lightening treatment to reduce the blemishes the breakouts had left on my face.

The consultation derived that my skin type and work lifestyle requires the use of Vitamins A & C with Aloe Gel and a Face wash that would work as an after care.

Knowing that avoiding junk food wasn’t something I would ever agree on, I was advised to increase the intake of citrus fruits, fluids and a lot of drinking water in my daily diet.

I was then introduced to Therapist Shagufta who further took care of the necessary treatment and the overall procedure.

She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the entire process as she ran me through the procedure, step by step. All the products used were as per my skin type to ensure there were no after effects.

After a near hour long session, the differences were almost immediately visible. The blemishes were reduced by 30% and my skin was glowing. I was feeling light and quite content with the results. I have been asked to follow up for the next 5 session, at the very least, to see further improvements.

Its been more than two weeks now and I have been continuing the prescribed medicines and gel and the results have been quite satisfactory.

I would be visiting them again for my next session to continue the treatment and hopefully I will be able to get rid of the blemishes.

Thanks to Cutis Skin studio for providing a better experience and not letting my skin problems keep me away from my food 😊

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Please note: Medicines / treatment prescribed here are after consultation and checking my skin type. Kindly refer to Skin studio or Dermat before usage.

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  • Thank you so much for explaining the realistic results to our readers. We are very confident that by spending an hour once a month on your skin.. your skin will say.. Thank you. Please follow up with us on your skin.
    Team Cutis.

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