Why 2018 was the biggest year of my life – Best moments of 2018

With 2019 just around the weekend, I write this article and reminisce all the awesome things 2018 has brought along. Each new opportunity, the little surprises and the milestones I achieved this year have been super special for me and I shall cherish these memories for years to come.

All my past experiences helped me prepare for 2018 and I believed it was going to be an amazing year; a year with milestones to be achieved, opportunities waiting to be explored, dreams to be lived and memories to be created.

Here’s a quick recap of 2018 in a pictorial album but bear with me if the wicked lets her emotions flow and the words rumble.




Meaningful Travel and Work

Aftert travellinga bit extensively over the past few years I wanted to slow down this year, travelling to places where my heart wanted to. 2017 had ended on a high at the enchanting city of Udaipur; but, little did I know that I would be back in Rajasthan within a few weeks. I was welcomed as a guest by Rajasthan Tourism to explore Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, two beautiful cities in this state of Rajputs. This was my first experience working with a tourism board and would definitely not be the last. Fast forward a quarter of the year and I was hosted by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Board to explore the heavenly regions of Kashmir, Yusmarg & Doodhpatri. The trip seamlessly synced into my solo trips to Srinagar and Gulmarg. Being a female solo traveller, this was an entirely different experience and it simply highlights how safe this beautiful valley is. The weather, the people, the valley & the food, everything here was just like a breeze of crisp air, cold at first and the warmth that touches your soul.



I also travelled to a few other places in India during the year. Travel is more than just dramatic images and picture perfect travelgrams. From staying in luxury properties & homestays, I have travelled far and yearn more for the rawness of travel, hoping to backpack to more offbeat destinations in the coming years.

Wicked Meet and Eat

I met so many of YOU:

It all started from an impromptu hot chocolate meet with one of my lovely followers, Rifa, last year. With such an amazing experience, I vowed to meet and connect with my wicked admirers. Steadily meeting people from different walks of life, it was great meeting you guys, knowing a bit more about you and appreciating how y’all were inspired by my journey.

2018 thewickedsoul blog

I became Maasi:

This year I became an aunt to the most gorgeous little angel, ‘Anayah’. My niece is the most beautiful gift 2018 has showered upon us. The house lights up with giggles and occasional crying which has kept my sister on her toes. It’s an amazing feeling when someone so small & delicate extends her hand to high five you. After all these years, I’ll have someone whom I can try my crazy fashion ideas on …. Hehehehe

Turned 30:

This year I turned a year younger and much wiser. Hahaha, I turned 30, and thirty ain’t that dirty, girls! I was so excited for my birthday wondering what it feels around that number. As my wicked soulmate quickly discovered, age is just a number. I still act like a teenager who makes impulsive plans, takes impromptu trips and most importantly laugh at all the silly things I have done. Read more about my thoughts on turning 30 and 30 facts you did not know about me.

2018 best moments blog

Got Hitched:

This one was definitely not planned in advance. It was on the cards but I didn’t know it when it would happen and when it did, it would be so perfect. Cyril and I exchanged vows in a Church ceremony followed by a small reception for family and closest friends. From saying “I do” to our first kiss to the first dance as Mr & Mrs, every moment seemed surreal. I was away from social media while I enjoyed this fairy tale beginning and only announced it later. I am sure it surprised most of you, didn’t it?


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Moved to our new house:

As I express my year in words, hubby is busy setting up the living room décor occasionally staring at me with beady eyes to confirm a match between the cushion covers and the curtains. It feels as though the dream continues; moving in with my wicked bunny and setting up my dream home with minimalistic furniture.

My heart swells up being grateful for all the amazing things that have happened this year and many more things which I’d have to write a book for if I tried to fit it all in.

But as in every movie, if there are heroes, there are villains too. Life is not only about sunshine & rainbows and picture-perfect moments. I have seen some lows too this year but I have taken them with a pinch of salt. Sharing some not so great moments of 2018:

My Instagram account was hacked:

Welcome to the internet where everything looks so glamourous and unreal. I had pinned years of memories and hard work into my social media accounts before my acoount was hacked and I was locked out. I was stranded outside the gates for over a week knocking on doors before it could be recovered.

Social Media losing its Mojo:

Social media has transformed into a number chasing rat race, popularity ranked on bikini clad models & glamourous lifestyles showcasing reel lives and not real lives. In this fast paced, shortlived world, I have always tried to stick by my morals; keeping content as true and realistic. My opinions are unbiased and collaborations are agreed upon only if I believe in the project/ products that I would truly recommend. I ain’t groaning or complaining, but I have missed opportunities for lack of numerals in my account but just as the sun always shines brightest after a storm, I am sure this will turn around too.

Letting People go:

I also unfollowed and let go many people in my personal and Instagram life. People who would not support me or understand why I do what I do or would only shine when the times are bright: people made their way out of my life when I was staring at rock bottom. I definitely lost vital numbers but I have achieved inner peace and find myself sane and a lot happier now.

I have made peace with my past and nothing is greater than self love. If you are happy with your efforts, nothing else matters.

To summarise one of the most splendid years of my life; deep down in my heart, I know I wouldn’t trade 2018 for anything else. It has been one of my biggest and best years, personally as well as mentally. Buoyed by such a fantastic year I now eagerly look forward to 2019 & all the opportunities life can throw at me. Bring it on!!

Bid adieu to 2018 and wish all of you a fantastic & a prosperous New Year.

I would love to hear about your past year and what you look forward to. Keep those responses coming.


Until then,


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