Plans for Easter Weekend sorted?

Plans for Easter Weekend sorted?
Long weekends are the best thing to happen to those who toil tirelessly, emancipating a grin from ear to ear.
 The worries of the world are put on hold and the liberated lifestyle of the wild soul takes control.
For us, as Mumbaikars, it is difficult to decide what we should do on a long weekend other than making the short journey to Lonavala or scoot over to the beaches of Goa.
Here are five awesome things you could try this weekend:
1. Crazy for Strawberries?? 
Well then, head over to Mapro Garden, Mahabaleshwar for the Strawberry Festival from 14th -16th April to experience Strawberry picking & indulge in some innovative and drool-some products made of Strawberry; Strawberry Pizza, Strawberry Bhel, Strawberry Sandwiches and Chocolate dipped Strawberries among others.
Strawberry and cream, Mapro Garden, Panchgini


Strawberry picking at Vrundavan Garden (for Illustration only)
In case you’re having your doubts about the festival, get a hold of this; Mapro Garden will be hosting an all-you-can-eat strawberry buffet, absolutely FREE!
Find more details here 
2. Aamsutra at it’s best:
The Mango Fest is on this weekend at Ratnagiri and invites you to enjoy the pure class of the King of the fruits.
Mango Festival Tour to Ratnagiri with MumbaiRangers on 15th & 16th April ‘2017 will be departing on Friday night, 14th April.
Visit Mumbai Rangers  for more info
3. Mumbai Midnight Cycling Heritage Ride:
Sometimes, classy fruits are not enticing enough to get some people off the couch. Here’s something interesting; you can cycle around the city at midnight while you enjoy the serene midnight beauty of our bustling city.
Ride with fellow explorers and feast your eyes on the beautifully illuminated heritage buildings. No honking, no traffic and a cool summer breeze, can it get any better.
Saturday, April 15 at 11.30pm to Sunday, April 16 at  4.30am
Visit here for more info.
4. Get Waxed!! Not literally though :/
Test your photography skills and create your new profile pic at the Carpet Wax Museum at R-City Mall, Ghatkopar.
Get clicked with the Queen of England or strike a funny pose with the iconic Mr. Bean, over 40 life-like wax statues are on display.


TheWickedSoul’s Freeze Moment with MJ!
Queen of Wickedness, eh?
Who needs to spend a fortune on a plane ticket to visit Madame Tussauds when the city’s auto driver can take you to Mumbai’s own wax collection.
The staff will happily click you, but, carry a selfie stick.
5. Thali Time:
Mango Thali at Khandani Rajdhani, Ghatkopar

If it’s too late to book your travel and fear you will miss the Strawberry Festival at Mahabaleshwar or the Mango Fest in Ratnagiri, you can always drive over to Rajdhani and immerse yourself in a sweet irresistible journey with their Mango inspired Thali.

Dash to the nearest Maharaja Bhog / Khandani Rajdhani and experience the magic of Mango in its all glory.
Do share if you have any interesting plans for this weekend.
Have a happy and amazing weekend you all!

Until next time,

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