Beauty Travel Tips- Skin and Hair care with VLCC Style Statements

Beauty Travel Tips- Skin and Hair care with VLCC Style Statements

All work and no Travel makes me a Wicked Dull Soul!
Although Travel is exciting and fun, it can make your skin and hair dull and dry if you do not look after them. Instagram #TravelDiaries paint a pretty picture with perfectly setup shots, wavy hair in the wind & clear glowing skin. Setting out on an adventure with a face full of cosmetics would be the last thing to do. You certainly do not want to look shabby either while travelling. So, looking picture perfect while on the move is not difficult, it just requires smart measures and some beauty travel tips.

Being a compact backpacker and travelling only with essentials, I have always overlooked packing too many beauty products in my carry on. Sunny days at the beach, hiking through the mountains in the chilly cold of the Himalayas or chasing waterfalls during the Monsoons, the change of climate and humidity take a toll on my hair and skin.
I would usually return with sunburns, rashes, dry skin and stiff entangled hair. All these would require home remedies or an appointment at my beauty salon which is again an expense borne out of my travels.
I do my best to keep myself hydrated on the go and the occasional use of moisturizers. However, I always had a few queries making room in my mind for a long time now. What would be the simplest way to steer clear of beauty problems on the go? Can someone suggest effective beauty tips to follow during my travels? As destiny had it, I was invited to a one of a kind event hosted by VLCC Style Statements where their experts addressed simple to complex queries on beauty care.

I tried to get answers from Beauty expert Sushmita Verma, VLCC, to some of the queries I received on my Instagram account. Here are the excerpts and a few tried and tested beauty travel tips:

Q: What are the minimal beauty /hair products to carry while travelling?
A: Sushmita says the four basic and most important beauty care products one must use are “CTMP”; Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser and Sun Protection. Invest in suitable products as these are the necessities to keep your skin healthy and glowing all the time.
Q: During a long trip, I often tend to skip oiling my hair. How do I keep it healthy on the go?
A: Always condition your hair after every wash. The conditioner is the food for your hair and tips. (avoid applying it on the scalp, rather the length of the hair)
Q: Long Haul Flights and Overnight Train journeys tend to make my skin dry. How do I cope with this?
A: Use a cleanser to remove your make up during a long journey. Drink a lot of water and apply a basic touch up with a Moisturiser and a Day cream. This should leave you feeling refreshed and revived in minutes.
Q. How to avoid Jet-Lagged face on reaching your destination?
A: Cucumber eye pads are a great way to combat puffy eyes. Under eye cream is a great investment too which is a tiny bottle and won’t take much space in your carry on.
Q: How often should I wash my hair while travelling?
A: Paraben free shampoo can be used daily. Always use a Conditioner after every wash as it helps to avoid any split ends. Dry shampoo is a great alternative and a relatively quicker way.
Q: How to take care of dry hair during or post a travel?
A: Protect your hair from direct sun by using a scarf or hat. Post travels, deep conditioning, hair oil massage and spa are a must to indulge on every month as its protein for your hair and needs to be treated on monthly basis.

VLCC beauty tips
With International Makeup Artist Caterina Chiari

I hope these beauty travel tips helps with your queries and set you up gorgeously to look fabulous as you travel. Do write back to me if this has helped you in any way.

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