Wildflower Villas Goa: Vintage Luxury stay

Wildflower Villas Goa: Vintage Luxury stay

It had been a while since I last went to Goa. Back then I was in college and zoomed down to India’s most popular tourist destination with my girls. We visited the cliché tourist spots and did what everyone does in Goa – Partyyyy! Fast forward to today and my travel experiences have taught me that there is much more to Goa than just night life, beaches & Kings.

How travelling with Mom for the first time feels?:                                                                                                                     

I was packing for a solo trip to Goa towards the end of last month. I hoped to take this one slow and soak in the Goan atmosphere. “What will you do in Goa alone?” a voice was heard from across the room. “I’ll travel with you this time.” My mother smiled at me as I nodded my head in approval with a slight hint of astonishment.

So, for the first time in all my travel years, my mom nominates herself as my travel companion.

I have travelled with friends, BFFs, solo and now for the first time I was travelling with Mom alone. The feeling was special and suddenly the mother-daughter bond just felt stronger.

We arrived in Goa and checked into the beautiful eco luxury villa “Lemon Mint Villa, at Wild Flower Villas. 

Why I chose Villa over a Beach Resort while in Goa?

Goa is the party destination of India where people want to unwind and escape the monotonous life in cities. But before all this party explosion, Goa was known for its slow paced life, beautiful houses, local music, serenity spread across acres of land, soul captivating cuisine and lots more.

The words ‘Wildflower and ‘villa’ naturally conjure ideas of meadows, luxury and seclusion, and this is exactly what Wildflower Villas offers. Situated in North Goa, this luxurious Villa is a boutique resort spread across a sprawling 8 acres. It is built atop a hill front that stands overlooking the Sinquerim river and the Aguada bay in the distance. Nestled in the lap of nature and surrounded a myriad of plants and trees, WildFower spells tranquility. The thing that makes staying in a villa here so special is that you have all the amenities of a hotel with your own private space and no “noisy” neighbors.

Wildflower Villas houses of 13 rooms in 7 independent villas with each villa shut off from the rest making it a private and pleasant affair.


Our home for 3days

We stayed at Lemon Mint Villa, the self-proclaimed prettiest villa. The dusky peach coloured villa has its own verandah with a writing desk and a mini-bar. A king-size four poster with dreamy drapes occupied the centre of the bedroom. The sweeping floor length curtains masking the sunlight flooding in from the tall cathedral windows only added to the coziness of the room.

The villas have been fashioned in old Goan style. Comfortable mattresses, organic toiletries in large and luxurious bathroom, a stocked Mini refrigerator, LED TV and Air conditions complete the modern necessities. The thick walls of the villa meant that the phone signal was intermittent affording me the rare luxury of a timeout from social media.

Luxury Villa Goa
A dreamy bed room

A regular morning at the villa would begin with waking up to the sounds of birds chirping on the window. The leaves fluttering in the wind with a strong fragrance of morning dew, colorful flowers looking lively towards the sun and nature smiling at me with pleasant sunshine; it indeed is a Good Morning.

Reading Spot Luxury Villa
My cozy corner reading spot
Room service Luxury Villa
Lunch and that candid shot with mom, I was smiling coz I didn’t tell her cam was on 😛


Wildflower Villas houses only one restaurant “Mimosa” which serves a limited options of the Goan cuisine. The dishes on the menu can be customized to cater to your requests. The limited menu ensures that the meals are prepared with love and taste flavorsome. Fish Rawa Fry, Aloo Fry, Prawns Goan Curry & Chicken Cafreal are some of the options we loved.

Breakfast spread was homely and delicious!
Food with a view
Even though room service is unavailable, the staff was kind enough to serve us lunch at the room on the first day (we were exhausted from the overnight journey)


Pool and Serenity

The Infinity pool is the highlight of this property with a sweeping view over Sinquerim river and Fort Aguada. The wooden deck has a spacious area which is perfect to read a book, just laze around or admire the beautiful sunset on nature’s canvas.


Lounging in the pool was one happy addiction I got hooked on to during my stay.

On the last day of our stay, we were given a short tour of the property by the proprietor  Mr. Amol Navelkar

Over the past decade, Wildflower Villas has planted over thousands of plants contributing significantly to the emerald colours all around. Not just planting, Mr. Navelkar also knows the identity of most of these unique and rare plants.

Jackfruit Tree
Fresh Star Fruit from the farm


Although I enjoyed my stay here, the place sorely missed the services of a Spa. I would love to get pampered with smell of first rain and essential oils surrounded by such peace and tranquillity. Preparations towards setting up the required facilities in an organic and authentic way are already underway.


What really makes this place special, other than nature, food and the pool, is the service. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and friendly that it made the whole experience that much more enjoyable and homely.

If you’re looking for a home away from home with a pinch of luxury, then Wildflower Villa is a great choice. A stay here will transport you back to old Goa. Apt for a romantic and secluded getaway in a magnificent, eco-friendly habitat, Wildflower Villas is easily the preferred choice.

You can find more details about Wildflower Villas here:

I was welcomed as a guest, however as usual, all the pictures, opinions and suggestions are my own and not influenced in any way whatsoever!

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