Where to find best latte art in Mumbai

Where to find best latte art in Mumbai

Hello Guys, hope your journey of the New Year has begun on a sweet note.  It’s been one heck of an exciting December with a trip to the much-awaited Udaipur and a traditional family Christmas lunch. I chalked down a few resolutions for 2018 and being more active on TWS’s blog is one of the them.

So, let’s start this year with one of my favourites; coffee. I don’t think I will ever get bored of this caffeine beauty, but why don’t we twist this a bit. Why don’t we add some art to caffeine? This article is dedicated not just to coffee but Coffee with some of the most appealing Latte arts!

I am obsessed with art on coffee and have been hunting for cafés serving latte art forever. From one coffee addict to another, I have decided to share my list of fave cafes that serve a good cuppa joe beautified by a visual treat.

We don’t have 3D foamy cats or polar bears floating in our mugs yet, but these cafés put in the effort.

Blue Tokai Roasters: To be honest, I have been here more times than I can count. It tops the list of my fave cafes serving the best latte art in Mumbai. From a Flat white to the good ol’ latte, you are certain to be greeted with perfect art adorning your coffee every time you order. You can also find here one of the best custard cruffins in Mumbai.

Hands in frame Free Rainbow latte art with coffee

Scribble Stories: The Coffee artists working here have simply amazed us with their work. The rainbow-coloured ones & a swan floating on coffee latte art are Instagram worthy. Taking my wicked coffee to next level, I got my blog initials on my coffee.

Koinonia Roasters: Koinonia translates into community and KR is built for coffee lovers. Churning out a good cup of artisanal coffee, KR is nothing short of amazing. The Cold brews here are a magical concoction for the adventurous; a flavorful mouthful. My favourite is LatteBest Latte in Mumbai

La Folie Lab: Kick start your day with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee at La Folie Lab. There’s nothing more satisfying than sipping on a good cup of cappuccino with a friendly foamy bear gazing back at you. We just couldn’t stop chuckling. Pain Au Chocolat is a perfect side kick to your coffee & did I mention its super flaky and deeelicious.

Third Wave Roasters at Sweetish House Mafia:Bangalore’s favorite coffee house is in Mumbai. Recently opened within Sweetish House Mafia, the house of best cookies now serves the best coffee as well. The Latte here is a perfect brew with some neat artwork. Barista here makes the cutest art but unfortunately he wasn’t around during my visit and I got the simple heart silhouette. But,hey, never mind, that’s what next time is for, Duh!!

Zen Café: Tucked within a Furniture store, this café is perfect to read a book while sipping on a coffee. The coffee here is an art by itself with the added beauty of latte art served with a side of biscuit. The Hot Chocolate is a big recommendation here.

Latte art coffee
Picture courtesy @Sasha.Okay.Please

The Benedict Bistro:  Coffee lovers rejoice! Serving great coffee and delicious grub, this bistro is one good haunt in Bandra. New York special desserts on the menu & the fluffy little pancakes are plain delicious. The Barista here was generous enough to get my initials on my cuppa joe!


Are you a coffee addict too? Share some of your favorite coffee recommendations and I would love to try them.

Until then,


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