Things to do in Jaisalmer for a perfect Romantic Getaway

Things to do in Jaisalmer for a perfect Romantic Getaway

Deciding on a honeymoon destination within India has got to be the hardest decision ever. From pleasant hill stations to warm sunny beaches to lush green mountains & historical sites, India has romantic destinations for every season.

The wedding season is at it’s peak and with Valentine’s a few weeks from now, choosing a beautiful romantic destination with your partner is even more significant. I have always believed Udaipur to be the most romantic city in Rajasthan, until I visited Jaisalmer.

Places to visit in Jaisalmer
View from the Golden Fort ‘Sonar Quila”

Jaisalmer has remained a well-kept secret until a few years ago. It reveals it’s other side to the world now; it’s unseen romantic & adventure getaway. Characterized by golden forts basking in history, the incredible sunset hues and starry nights, The Golden City is one of the most romantic places to be with your significant other.

How to Reach:

Jaisalmer is a 5 hour drive from Jodhpur across vast stretches of deserts with no sign of civilization for hours.

The allure of a road trip on a well-maintained highway connecting Jodhpur- Jaipur-Bikaner is quite tempting. There are direct flights too, but you can ditch it for a picturesque drive if you and your partner love long drives. Buses are an alternate option.

Best Time to Visit:

Being one of the hottest cities in the desert state of Rajasthan, the summers here are very warm and dry. It would be advisable to visit Jaisalmer during November to February; the peak months with pleasant weather. The temperature during winters can drop to a chilly 8 degrees making it the perfect season to cuddle with your loved one.

Generally, people envision only sand, camels and old mud structures in Rajasthan. But believe me, there is a lot more to this beautiful state than naive assumptions.

Visit Jaisalmer on a budget
Patwon ki Haveli

History & Architecture:

If you are interested in learning about the history of different places then Jaisalmer has a lot to tell. Take a walk through history with a visit to The Golden Fort also known as “Sonar Quila”.Visit the intricate havelis like Patwon ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli and Nathmal ji ki Haveli. Be sure to hire a guide to get detailed facts and local stories these historical marvels hold.

Patwon ki Haveli is one of the largest Havelis in Jaisalmer, with a cluster of 5 small havelis but only 2  accessible to the public. Walking past the narrow lanes, sits Patwon ki haveli, a beautifully carved with some magnificent art work to gaze at. Though it is not well maintained, it was beautiful nonetheless.

Sam sand dune jaisalmer
I couldn’t gather the courage to sit on a camel back or go closer, but had my share of fun by playing in the sand. Picture Courtesy @Lifeoutside2by2
Adventure thing to do in Jaisalmer on budget
That’s me striking a Titanic Pose in the air and missing my Jack Dawson 🙂

Get Adventurous:

If adventure is your adrenaline, then you must visit Sam Sand dunes. In close proximity to the Great Indian Thar Desert, Sam Sand Dunes is a 2 hour drive from Jaisalmer. Packages here include camping, a jeep safari, a camel ride and more. Dashing around in an open top 4×4 Jeep, deep in the dunes, yelling your lungs out can be quite an experience of a lifetime. You can even try Para Sailing here. Soaring in the sky with your partner, watching the world beneath your feet can make for some pretty awesome couple pics.

Chasing sunsets in Panoramic Sand dunes:

After an adventurous ride, fall in for the romantic facet of this fairy-tale like place. Watch the sunset in the midst of golden sand dunes and witness the sky light up like a kaleidoscope. The silhouette of camels in the distance complete this picture-perfect frame, an experience second to none!

Sunsets in Jaisalmer Free
Sunset; a beautiful ending!
romantic things to do
Experiencing LIVE Rajasthani Folk dance and Music

Night under the stars:

Prepare for a royal welcome back at the camp site after witnessing the grandeur of a magical sunset.

Sit back and enjoy the live Rajasthani folk dance & listen to a mesmerising musical performance by the local musicians while feasting on some delicious Rajasthani cuisine. In closing, nothing beats the romantic experience of sleeping under the stars; whilst in the arms of your soul mate.

Camping and adventure in Jaisalmer
Camping site at Sam Sand Dunes

budget hotels in Jaisalmer
The Courtyard at The Desert Palace

Indulgence in Palatial Luxury:

Jaisalmer offers an array of luxe stay options. Rangmahal or Suryagarh are recommendations for the ultimate lavish experience. These offer the best hospitality, spas and personalised butler treatment to make you feel like a Royal couple.

Luxury stay in Jaisalmer
Breakfast by the pool at The Desert Palace


Shop and dress like a local:

There are several colourful shops in the markets around Jaisalmer Fort and Gadi Sagar Lake.  You can rent traditional attires at shops and get yourself clicked for a lasting memory snapshot in this charming city.

Jaisalmer is a beautiful blend of history, architecture, adventure, color & romance. It truly is a destination to explore with your partner and create memories to cherish.


Have you been to Jaisalmer with someone you love? If you have not already been there, would you want to visit?

Until then,


Pictures featuring me have been clicked by my close friend and Travel Blogger Kanika Gupta

I was fortunate to be hosted by Rajasthan Tourism for this trip, however, all opinions and pictures are of my own.

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